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As usual.......

Oh.... 50 days after i am back from Japan,Times flies so fast. Have been very busy lately with my work but i still miss them as usual but this time i dun have the time n fate to meet Jerry. he has a fans gathering on 20th dec in HK. I cant make it this time again argh... nvr been to any jerry fans gathering b4always clash with other things.. i rally feel like gg but i know i wil spent at least 1k plus 3days leave, i choose to give up again bcos 1st i know sure alot of jerry fans n they r so scary shhh... hehe.. 2nd my restaurant is lack of worker now, very bad of me to take leave at this moment of tme again unless is Vanness heehee.. Yes i miss them so much now as usual but i will wait patiently for their Drama, Movie and Albums Promotion... Of course will fly there to support them of course esp Vanness n Zai new Drama Black n White

Found this video clip when i was watching all my old video clip

Vanness solo concert in Japan July 2007

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7D6uoHgX7M I mIss him so much......


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