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14days to Japan!!!


Time Flies... 2 more weeks i am going to japan.. Is like a dream which is going to come true very soon, been waiting for this day to come and now yes another 14days to go. so happy n excited for them. First time see 7 concert  frst time stay in overseas for so long...

Finally all 4 of them reached japan and had a press con today, i was so shocked when i c zai new hairstyle so shocking, blue hair


but of course still handsome as ever.. but vanness n ken hair is too long hope they will cut before the concert .  So many merchandises to buy OMG i have to think probably which want i really want to buy cos is really too many thing to choose from but Zai handphone strap i wan to get it for sure

So many thing to do at work before going to japan... OMG  luggage have to wait until next week then i will have time to pack  

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just be urself at the concert....so, as normal, we will go crazy one...so crazy to the max bt nt until the guard need to bring u out from the hall...haha...concert is the time for us to enjoy...cheer out looud...!!!!!!
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Wow they are so cool guys! see ya in Japan
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Hi This is Imawari, I am also going to the Yokohama concert. Which one are you going? Enjoy ;-)
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