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a boyfriend's rules/tips

this is special because I'm going to write about what most "woman" desire from her boyfriend.

1st when woman meet her boyfriend, she wants a funny guy to brighten her day not a clumsy guy who's making the rest of the day becomes darker.

2nd when your girl friend is not in her usual-self and ignoring you that means that probably she feels that you did something that she doesn't like, whatever it is woman wants her partner to check himself and then apologize to her in a "sweet" way.

3rd woman absolutely doesn't like when her partner is a childish person, woman needs to be protected and who else can protect her if not her boyfriend ????

4th woman really likes when her boyfriend think that she is smart so try to compliments her sometime about her being intelligent.

5th this is the very special thing that guy ever do, COOK FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND and it would be more memorable if her boyfriend can do it in a special ocassion but don't do it often if not it won't become a special thing anymore just a mere common thing.

6th don't you dare to ignore your girlfriend for such silly reasons like playing game, watching foot ball on tv, etc. Your girlfriend would totally feel inferior and the worst case is she would think that you (her boyfriend) thinks that football or game is more important than her so the worse case is the final words "GOOD BYE"

7th when her boyfriend meet his female friend from work or his ex-girlfriend by accident when she was with you and you are not trying to get her in your and collegue/ex-girlfriend conversation so when the conversation is over and your collegue/ex-girlfriend has left you'll be doomed. Try to think how if she did the same thing to you, how are your feelings to be completely being ignored and look like a stupid person just stand and keep quiet while your girlfriend chatting happily with other guy??

8th try to introduce your girlfriend to your family when you and your gilfriend's relationship already quite long (about 6 months), there is no "hid" word because your girlfriend might think that you are embarrased of her and that hurts.

9th lastly try to not give any negative remarks about what your girlfriend already did (her new hair cut, her nail polish, her outfit, her choice of movie, her choice of food) try to accept her with a big heart because when you 'guys' think you're just saying casual thing but it's actually really pain for woman, because woman doll herself for the person she likes and wants to be praised by them not being critisized especially when your girlfriend is overly sensitive (got the period for example) then she will take your words to heart then your relationship will become further apart, however you can make casual remark ocasionally.

This tips are based on my experience, hope it's useful for you. Thanks for reading.

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A kind, considerate guy who is a good talker, confident but not cocky and can cook is a good bf. Someone who's mature and thinks education is important also good.
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heehee...thanks for the tips - I'd have to agree w/most of what you said. it's hard to find a good bf like that. good luck to all the ladies in searching.
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