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Thailand artist and lakorns/drama (comment)

This is me commenting about lakorns or best known as Thailand dramas. Lakorns were booming in my hometown more than 13th years ago. The dramas were funny, romantic, and even similar with "Harlequin" types of novels. Thailand lakorns are similar with Mexican drama (telenovela) which was booming more than 10th years ago too. Their stories are mostly "cinderella"  rich guy with a poor girl now woman. Funny thing is just recently I knew thailand actors.

My most likeable drama you can say it's SAWAN BIENG, the story is about an angry rich handsome young man (kawee) because of lack of love from his father who married many times since his mother died. One day the father married his high school friend who was admired him and still in love with him, this woman had a lovely beautiful sister (narin). Kawee was very mean, when he was angry with his stepmom narin was his wind bag until he raped her (they did it 4th times, can u belive it?). When Kawee's father died, Narin disappeared then Kawee found out that she's pregnant. Later on because kawee realised tha he really loved Narin so he changed become a better person and took good care of Narin. It's a happy ending lakorn, they ended up being together. Cast. Ann Trongpasom and Ken Theeradaj. Really a good drama and I wonder why they couldn't make this series longer since the rating was the highest at the broadcast time. The soundtracks are good. 12 episodes only.

I watched JAEY LUM RUK (DEFENDANT OF LOVE). Cast. Aum Atichart and Aff T.  The plot is similar with Mexican telenovela "La Mentira/revenge" . Aum acted as an angry man who wanted to revenge his brother, actually his brother suicide because he was told to by his ex girlfriend to die. So He kidnapped the wrong woman (Aff), the fact was he was looking the wrong picture and thinking that the woman on the pic was his brother's ex but she was merely a good friend of him. He brought her to his island and tortured her saying that she had to do this and that, no matter how hard she tried to explain that he kidnapped the wrong person he refused to listen. Since Aff's charater here was indebt with the brother's ex girlfriend (she was her cousin) so she accepted everything until one day he raped her. He felt sorry after that and found out the truth about the mistaken identity and tried to win her because he fell in love with her. She rejected him because she knew his hatred to her cousin was too big to let go. He started to make a move to her cousin to hurt her mentally by making her fall in love with him then dump her. At the end he let go of his hatred toward her cousin and she accepted him. It's once again happy ending. Actually I don't feel too impress with this lakorn because it's quite boring near the ending when she always run to her childhood friend instead of accepting the love of the man that she really loved, lakorn always like that where the heroine try to use her childhood friend for her own benefits without thinking their feeling, it's a selfish thought.

HUA JAI CHOCOLATE, cast. MOS and Aom. Mos acted as a rich guy without knowing the real meaning of love and when he met Aom's character in Swiss when they were studying together about hotel management she taught him about love. When they back to Thailand they were separated because his ex girlfriend was still clinging on him and Aom's was too stupid to declared her love for him afraid of being hurt like last time when her ex fiancee whe cheating on her. Mos pursued her until he gave up because she was playing hard to get and got along with her best friend (childhood friend). When she was pregnant she lied to him that she was pregnant with her best friend he believed her and left. Years later they meet again with her son and ended up together (not so clear whether they were together or not) and her best friend died because of some disease while his evil ex girlfriend didn't chase him anymore.The most boring and stupid drama because the heroine playing too hard to get until the male lead character tired pursuing her and wasted of too many episodes just because of that, when she wanted to accept him she didn't do it once again because of lack of confidence and lack of trust of their love. I would prefer they didn't end up together it's absolutely not love but mainly just temporary attraction because he found her to be different with other women. Don't waste time to watch this.

KAEW TAH PEE is the 1st reason why I starting to watch lakorns again after stop years ago. Cast. Tik J. and Cherry. The story was when tik's characther was blind and pretended being a poor guy while in fact he was a wealthy man, he fell in love whith Cherry's characther which was sweet, soft, polite, and kind-hearted. They got married because she wanted to help taking care of him to go overseas for eyes surgery she didn't know that he was rich and when they got married she was surprised to found that he was filthy rich. She was taking care of him and he loved her because of she was cared and kind to him andy enyone else. His ex girlfriend  came to the scene and wanted to get back with him because her husband was huge in debt and not rich anymore. He was starting supecting and not trusting her until he insulted her so she left, when his friends told him the truth that all the problems they had was his ex girlfriend doing he tried to found her but he couldn't find her when he did find her, he apologized but it's too hard for her to accept his apology until he had a problem again with his eyes before he already could see but he was just pretending to be blinded when they've done the eyes surgery in order to keep her stay by his side. He proved his love that she was more important than his eyes made her accepted him again and they live happily ever after (hope so).Funny and romantic lakorn, I really like cherry's character in this lakorn she was strong, kind, and not stupid but her only mistake was she didn't fight back when his ex girlfriend gave her troubles. Most of the scenes were in France until the end of episodes. 12 episodes. The soundtrack also good. This lakorn is must to watch. Funny moments also whe Tik's pretended stll blind he played with her and tricked her to get close to her (funny).



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