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Music video clip of Nevada Tan

It was a cool thing .I got the chance to play the fight double for the leading actress in the music video clip of Nevada Tan.I had a lot of fun with the people on set  and the other martial artists.


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The fights i`m doing with my twin sister Necla Özbek!

I hope you liked !


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" Leonidas/Stahlgewitter 2 "

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEpUbbAzB9s On the 05.03.2010 you can see the theatre pieces " Leonidas/Stahgewitter 2 "on Hebbel am Ufer-Hau2 in berlin.

I hope you like it.

Es spielen :Andrea Pani Laura, Harald Harzheim, Leyla Özbek vom Berlin Wushu Team, Maike Möller,Stefan Düe -

Roter Teppich, Stacheldraht und projizierte Textfetzen aus „Die Perser“ von Aischylos,Ernst Jüngers "Stahlgew...Read more

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13th European Wushu Championships

On the 23.01.2010 - 24.01.2010 took place the cadre training for the "13th European Wushu Championships" in Rees . For the "taolu /adult" starting for the Germany National Team Necla Özbek and Sebastian Weber.

For "sanshou" starting 6 athletes , and for "taolu/children" 4 athletes.For personal reasons i don`t participate in "13th European Wushu Championship".

I wish athletes every success .


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Theatre News

Together with the actors Sarah Bennani, Laura Andrea Pani, Maike Möller and Stefan Düe I will be back as Wushu actress  on stage, in fact in March 2010 on the "100-degree theater festival".

I'm looking forward.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2010 !

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Samsung Show with Cosmic Artists

The show for Samsung began at 22:45 oclock in the evening but we had to get up  already at 6:30 oclock in the morning because of the dress rehearsal....It was hard , but we had a super  show and a lot of fun....It was cool!

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" Leonidas "

A newspaper report about  the play "Leonidas", which has been demonstrated on the kubus, where I had the possibility to show  chinese wushu.....

The article is unfortunately only in german.You can take a translator.


Noch immer ist viel Tier in ihm Dasein als ewiger Kampf: Zur Theater-Performance Leonidas/Stahlgewitter

Florian Lux

Held sein, kämpfen, Beute machen. Natürlich, darum geht es. Doch welche Wandlungen erfährt der Krieg im Zeitalt...Read more

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The beginning of the Berlin Wushu Team

In the Chinese newspaper is a report on me and my twin sister Necla özbek.It tells that we are looking for real Wushu in berlin and because of this we met david török.Then in the year 2000 he found the Berlin Wushu team ,and it is the beginning of the Berlin Wushu Team...

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Have fun to read the Chinese article, and who can`t read this article like me , should use a

Chinese translator. Read more

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The German Wushu Team 2009

I`m glad I will fly to the "10th Wushu World Championship 2009 "in Canada .And  the German Wushu Team also includes David Török , Christoph Huynh , Alex Sckmidt ,  Anke Papenfuß , Necla Özbek  , Benjamin Baumhauer and Maren Schubert .

That`s mean training,training,trai.......

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