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wood window

uPVC windows in many cases are the default option for homeowners when choosing windows. Perhaps right down to the mass promotional initiatives plastered over the television and radio, or maybe as their special offers seem enticing.

However, in actual fact, there are other to windows compared to cheap uPVC options. Ideas dispel a few of the common myths about uPVC's biggest competitor - the wooden window.

Wood isn't thermally efficient, so does not help reduce energy usage.

Wood naturally includes a very low thermal conductivity which makes it a great insulator. However, energy efficiency primarily boils down to the specification of the glazing unit. As a result, this makes it important to consider the U-values of a window because this refers to the quantity of heat loss per per square metre of fabric. The low the U-value, the minus the heat loss.

Another more current approach to comprehending the energy efficiency of glass, is to consider its Energy Rating: A is the most efficient and G is the least.

wood window

Wood windows just don't get recycled.

As it is tough to determine the exact number of recycled windows, research compiled in the Vinyl 2010 progress report implies that the audited amount of recycled wood waste in 2007 was 2 million tonnes in contrast to 42,122 tonnes of PVC recycled waste in the same year.

Coupled with the truth that certain designers and functions and features using wood waste and shavings as biomass energy, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly material options.

Wood windows need a large amount of maintenance.

Unfortunately no window choice is void of maintenance, however well manufactured windows will need nothing more than a coat of paint every 8 years approximately. The minimal maintenance required explains why many Victorian properties have exactly the same wooden frames as once they were built!

Wooden windows are wonderful if you want single glazing, however i want double glazed windows.

A common assumption is the fact that double-glazed windows need to have uPVC frames, but this is a far cry in the truth. Whilst legislation may dictate that period properties have to have single glazed windows, wood windows are designed to suit double-glazing nearly as much as they are single-glazing.

As a result, wood windows can be a flexible choice for the homeowner, providing long-term value through high energy efficiency and low maintenance.

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