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Fist of Legend – Upcoming Blogs

I am about to start posting a series of blogs about Fist of Legend (1994) – directed by Gordon Chan, choreographed by Yuen Wu Ping, and starring Jet Li, Chin Siu Ho, Kurata Yasuaki and Billy Chau.

I don’t devote much space in my blogs to summarizing the plots of movies. Why bother when there are so many well written summaries available already on the internet. I have been working on my blogs for many, many weeks now. Due to being without a computer for a while I was reduced to writing my blogs in (shock, horror) longh...Read more

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Mini Review: Clans of Intrigue.

Shaw Brothers, 1977

Starring Ti Lung, Pei Ti, Nora Miao, and directed by Chu Yuan.

This is a wuxia film filmed in a historical setting with a nod towards James Bond. Our handsome hero (Ti Lung) lives a glamorous life as a Master of Thieves on a houseboat surrounded by a bevy of beautiful female martial artists. He finds himself involved in a complicated plot to try and uncover the identity of a masked assassin who is trying to frame him for a series of murders. The sets and costumes are elaborate and colourful ...Read more

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A quote from a novel by one of my favourite authors

(I may be getting my computer issues sorted out soon and hopefully will be back blogging)

“Verence wasn’t frightened… because he had never really been frightened of anything in his life, and wasn’t going to start now. This was partly because he didn’t have the imagination, but he was also one of those rare individuals who are totally focused in time. Most people aren’t. They build their lives as a sort of temporal blur around the point where their body actually is – anticipating the future, or holdi...Read more

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Laptop still not fixed.

In fact I haven’t even had time to take it to the repair shop yet. I haven’t had time to write any blogs over the last fortnight. Hopefully I will get to do some writing this weekend, but it will be in long hand and I wont be able to post any blogs yet (I am writing this on my local library’s internet service which I can access for an hour).

Keep well.

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still somewhat absent…

… from my blog. Work is super hectic at the moment and I have some family commitments this weekend too, so I haven’t had a chance to take my laptop into a repair shop. So not internet or word processing for another week or two. I wont even have time to write blogs by long hand. Hope to be back soon and I hope that all is well in the personal universe of anyone who reads this.

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Still with the gremlins

Hi there (and thanks to those who left comments on my last blog). My laptop came back from the repair shop… and it still isn’t fixed! So I am still restricted to using the library internet on Saturdays. And I wont have a chance to take my laptop in to get it fixed next weekend because I have to go away for a funeral. So no blogs for a couple of weeks. I am writing blogs in long hand (when I get a spare hour or two on the weekend) and am slowly working my way through a piece on the plot structure and choreography in Fist of Legend. Plu...Read more

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if anyone is out there…

just letting you know that my laptop has been injured and is being fixed. My access to the internet for personal reasons has been fleeting and infrequent over the past couple of weeks (it’s not appropriate to use the internet at work for my personal use). This is why I have not been posting blogs recently. I have still been writing ( longhandi.e with pen and paper – remember what that feels like?). I will be posting more blogs soon – hopefully within a week.

Hope all is good in yur part of the world.

<...Read more

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Chocolate (Thailand, 2008)

For most of this week I had to take a break from blog writing to attend to some family commitments. I am still working on my blog about the plot structure and characterisation in Hong Kong martial arts movie Fist of Legend. Today I have reposted an old ‘mini’ review of a Thai martial arts film that was made in 2008 (or thereabouts). I saw this film during the Melbourne International Film Festival as part of a large and appreciative audience. I watch most of my movies at home alone on DVD. It was great to see this film on the big sc...Read more

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A small rambling blog about The Prodigal Son

Directed by Sammo Hung and starring Sammo, Yuen Biao, Lam Ching Ying and Frankie Chan.

I really enjoyed this film enormously. It has plenty of humour, a little pathos and, as you would expect, excellent movement sequences.

I had only seen Lam Ching Ying in Mr Vampire before and I found both his character and his portrayal of that character to be fascinating. Lam plays a Chinese opera performer who specializes in playing young female heroine roles.  We see Lam in full feminine makeup and costume, a...Read more

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Mini review: Kung Fu Hustle

I am currently plodding my way through the writing of a blog about the plot structure in Fist of Legend. In the meantime I have posted a little review I wrote a couple of years ago for the blogspot blog I used to have:

Kung Fu Hustle directed by and starring Stephen Chow.

This is an extremely funny film. It has a large cast featuring all kinds of terrific performers – a special mention goes to the actress playing the fat landlady who turns in a virtuoso comic performance. The viole...Read more

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