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Choreography in Legend of the Red Dragon

In Legend of the Red Dragon(choreographed by Corey Yuen Kuei) ,my very favourite fight scene is not one of the lengthy set pieces but the little fight scene with the dress making implements between Miss Red Bean (played by Chingmy Yau) and Hung Hei Kwun (played by Jet Li). Why do I love this little scene? Because it does the thing that so many fight scenes in kung fu movies do so well – as well as being a sequence of movement that is entertaining to watch it has other purposes. In the case of this fight it helps to d...Read more

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‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ Inspired Thoughts Pertaining to ‘Legend of the Red Dragon’

Legend of the Red Dragonvery obviously references the Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub movies, so a few of my random thoughts about this film were in regards to this seminal Japanese film series of the 1970s.

Random thought number 1:

“The father / son relationship is modeled on the Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub series…” Leon Hunt, p. 70, Kung Fu Cult Masters

In an early scene the protagonist, Hung Hei Kwun (played by Jet Li), discovers that his wife has been killed...Read more

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Random Thoughts on Legend of the Red Dragon

Background Info:

Also known as The New Legend of Shaolin

Made in Hong Kong, 1994

Directed by Wong Jing, choreographed by Corey Yuen, starring Jet Li as Hung Hei Kwun, Xie Mao as Ting Man and Chingmy Yau as Miss Red Bean. A full cast list can be found here: http://www.hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=7802&display_set=eng

A synopsis of the plot can be found here: Read more

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Can you help me: 2 questions about Legend of the Red Dragon

I am about to start posting blogs about Legend of the Red Dragonbut there are 2 things that puzzle me about this film.

The first is Jet Li’s eyebrows. He has been made up so that he has these aggressive looking straight line eyebrows. I have read somewhere that big bushy hairy eyebrows on a character in kung fu movies signify that the person is some sort of an adept. Do the straight line eyebrows signify some sort of character trait? Or indicate a racial background?

The second is wh...Read more

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Melbourne International Film Festival 2011

The Melbourne International Film Festival kicks off soon and I have bought my epass, which entitles me to see 13 films. This is about my 3 rd MIFF. I missed out on last year’s because I had just started a job and was too mentally exhausted from learning the ropes to want to go along to see films after work. The other film festival I keep an eye out for every year is the Japanese Film Festival which happens here in Melbourne in early summer each year.

The films I am going to see are as follows:

*Forei...Read more

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Fist of Legend – Choreography – Blog 3

This is the last installment of my blog about the action in Fist of Legend (choreographed by Yuen Wu ping). The previous installment dealt with the character of Funakoshi (played by Kurata Yasuaki), and his duel with Chen Zhen (played by Jet Li) in front of Huo Yuanjia’s tomb.

Following on soon after the brilliant duel between Funakoshi and Chen, in which Funakoshi teaches Chen about adaptability, is another movement sequence which also involves some learning, for all that it has a different atmosphere to the Fu...Read more

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Fist of Legend – Choreography – Blog 2

This is the 2 nd installment of an uber blog I have written about Yuen Wu Ping’s choreography in Fist of Legend. The first installment contained some introductory remarks about how important the choreography is in this movie and then focused on the character of the villainous General Fujita (played by Billy Chau).

Veteran martial arts performer Kurata Yasuaki portrays the likeable but wily old Samurai, Funakoshi, with an air of easy, natural, understated authority, and with a wry, sometimes impish, twinkle in hi...Read more

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Fist of Legend – Choreography – Blog 1

Fist of Legend is chockablock with spectacular fight scenes. Choreographed by Yuen Wu Ping and starring Jet Li pitted against notable kung fu cinema screen fighters Chin Siu Ho, Kurata Yasuaki and Billy Chau, Legendis one of 8 or so movies Li and Yuen have worked on together. Some of their other collaborations, such as Tai Chi Master or Once Upon A Time In China 1 and 2, saw Yuen constructing somewhat theatrical choreography on Li that exploited his dance-like personal movement dynamic. Heavy use of wire-fu, one of Y...Read more

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Fist of Legend – drama versus kung fu

“Rarely has the division between the ‘director’ and ‘martial arts director’ created such a sense of two ‘films’ pulling in different directions. Gordon Chan’s sober historical drama almost seems to edge towards a kung fu film where the hero realises that fighting cannot solve any of the conundrums about identity, loyalty and belonging that he faces, while Yuen Wo-ping’s kung fu “clinic” pulls the film back to spectacle and heroism. Only in the Chen / Funakoshi fight (appropriately a stalemate) do the two converge. But th...Read more

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Fist of Legend – the characters

The emotional complexity and depth of the characters is a strength of director Gordon Chan’s 1994 film Fist of Legend, and this is conveyed by action and dramatic scenes equally. These scenes combine to create a “fully developed political arena” in which “generic heroism” (1) (or lack of) is tested out by the film’s characters (most notably by the film’s hero, Chen Zhen, played by Jet Li).

This blog focuses on main characters such as Chen, Ting An (Chin Siu Ho), Mitsuko (Nakayama Shinobu), and Funakoshi (Kurata Yasuak...Read more

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