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Another excerpt from Directors commentary on The Replacement Killers

This is a brief excerpt from a transcrīption I made of Director Antoine Faqua’s commentary for his movie, The Replacement Killers, which starred Chow Yun Fat. In this excerpt he discusses the approach of Asian film makers to film making.

I think there is a lot of opportunity for Asian film makers and other nationalities since The Replacement Killers came out. The interesting thing about the Asian film makers, specifically, and Chow Yun Fat, is that there’s a certain amount of ‘We’re...Read more

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Great Quote No. 10

“(Critic David) Bordwell… points out that the rythmic pulse of Hong Kong action requires stasis as well as movement, with ‘lightning switches between quick, precise gestures and punctuating poses’ ”. Leon Hunt, Kung Fu Cult Masters,p. 28

Nicely spotted David Bordwell. Unfortunately, I didn’t copy down the Bordwell’s book that Hunt was referencing, but it may well have been the excellent Planet Hong Kong.

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Nature in samurai Films

Recently I came across a book on Samurai films in my local library. Entitled ‘Stray Dogs and Lone Wolves: The Samurai Film Handbook’ and written by Patrick Galloway, it seems to be pitched at newcomers to the genre. I wonder if any of my online friends (some of whom boast considerable knowledge and deep appreciation of the chanbara genre) have come across this book and what they think of it?  As far as these films go, I consider myself neither expert or novice – I have seen more of these movies than the average man on the street but I...Read more

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geungsi, mama hung, shopping

I have been having good luck with my shopping lately. I was poking about in a DVD shop in Melbourne’s Chinatown recently when I found, on sale and literally gathering dust on a bottom shelf, a boxed set of Vampire themed kung fu movies: Mr Vampire 1-4, The Dead and the Deadly, Vampire versus Vampire, Hocus Pocus and Spiritual Trinity!

I had another great find in a second hand bookshop. In the film section I found 2 books published by the Hong Kong Film Archive: Monographs of Hong Kong Film Veteransand The Making of Ma...Read more

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Casting Asian actors in American action movies

Below is a brief excerpt I made from a transcrīption of director Antoine Fuqua’s commentary from The Replacement Killers. Fuqua was a big fan of the work of John Woo and Chow Yun Fat, and this movie was Chow’s first role in an American movie. Fuqua’s commentary is candid in its descrīption of what it’s like to incorporate Asian style action into a mov...Read more

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3rd Installment of Excerpts from Director’s Commentary for The Replacement Killers

Here are some excerpts from Director Antoine Fuqua’s commentary to his film The Replacement Killers, which stars Chow Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino. Other excerpts from this commentary can be found in this blogand this bl...Read more

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Great Quote No. 9

“Why did I use kung fu to make movies – to display the art and to aestheticize fist fighting”

Lau Kar-leung (Hong Kong Film Archive 1999: 89)

There have been a couple of highlights during the past week - one nice long conversation with a new professional contact (a nice man) and a presentation I had to give to a bunch of people (no big deal, but it went well). But otherwise this has been a most distressing week for a couple of different reasons that I think best not to publish on the internet. I spent most of my day off so f...Read more

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Excerpt from Director’s Commentary on ‘The Replacement Killers’

This is the second excerpt from director Antoine Fuqua’s excellent commentary on The Replacement Killers, in which Chow Yun Fat had his first starring role in an American movie. The first excerpt can be found here. This excerpt covers the concept behind the plot and which drives Chow Yun Fat’s character, and how certain political pressures from the Chin...Read more

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A controlled experiment in kung fu movie watching

I have decided to show a ‘mystery’ kung fu movie to a bunch of my friends and then ask them for their reactions. My friends don’t watch many kung fu movies so I will be curious as to what their reactions will be. Below is the invitation I will send to them today.

You are invited to attend the

Very First Controlled Experiment in

Kung Fu Movie Watching!!!

Sunday January 22 nd

2pm (for opening drinks) followed by screening at 2.30pm.

...Read more
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It’s official: Mr Brain needs a holiday

Welcome to my end of year blog. I have spent the last week holidaying on the Gold Coast – many thanks to the rellos who provided the free accommodation (without which I could not have afforded to go away at all). I haven’t had a proper holiday for years. Granted, I visit my parents often and enjoy doing that. But, following a stroke several years ago, my Mum needs a lot of support. My father is her carer so, by extension, he needs it too (if Mum and Dad get enough support then they motor along very nicely!). This means...Read more

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