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Great Quote No. 13

” ‘New Wave’ wirework shows us things we know to be untrue… But wires also feature in Jackie Chan’s more ‘realistic’ fights, enhancing moves which at least seem possible… One might argue that this is much more of a ‘Wicked Lie’ than Jet Li’s gravity-defying shadow kick, but, significantly, that is not an argument that is ever offered.” Leon Hunt, Kung Fu Cult Masters, p. 45

What did you do today? I spent the afternoon in the State Library of Victoria reading Hong Kong Cinema – The Extra Dimension by Stephen Teo and The Asian Influence on Hollywood Action Films by Barna William Donovan. Good times!

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Really? Jet was on a wire for that kick? hahaha I have seen quite a few "real" fights which were enhanced, particularly where the kick sends the guy flying. So what? I'm no expert so it doesn't bother me. What I would like is a list of all the stunts and fights which are done by DOUBLES of the major stars including Jet and Jackie. The one I know was a double and greatly disappointed me was Jet's nekkid butt in Hero. lol
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I'm no expert either, and it doesn't bother me. I just accept it as entertainment. But some people get quite het up about it all
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I am quite addicted to martial arts movies, which is odd when you consider that I hate violence. But when I declaim my love for these films my offline friends s

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