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Great Quote No. 11

“Jet Li’s ‘aura’ is quieter, but no less compelling – in Once Upon A Time in China‘s ladder fight, he dominates a fight scene in which he actually took little combative part. The camera gives as much as it takes away – Li positively glows in close-up. Chinese martial arts, health and performance traditions all embrace the concept of qi, a term which carries multiple meanings, including air, spirit, energy and breath. Jo Riley explains that in jingju(Chinese opera), it also means ‘presence’ – faqiis to radiate presence. A performing body is “a body which is presenced. The poses manifest or radiate presence by virtue or articulation of the body”… In jingju, the key presencing moment is the liangxiang (radiant, glowing appearance) pose – the term suggests an opening of the body to let light shine, “the moment of expressing presence… the expression of qi(force) which captivates the spectator’s gaze happens at (the) same point at which qiis returned or gathered”. “Leon Hunt, critic and Jet Li fan, Kung Fu Cult Masters, pp. 43 – 44

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So true. I didn't know for a long time that Jet was doubled so it's pretty skilled film making too. But are Jet's skills so much better than many martial artists? Is that why he became so huge. I think what separates a guy like Jet from the rest of us mortals is that je ne said quoi.
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I am quite addicted to martial arts movies, which is odd when you consider that I hate violence. But when I declaim my love for these films my offline friends s

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