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A Quick Word On Multiplexes

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After an impromptu excursion to see Hammer’s new The Woman In Black at my local Vue cinema I was left with the crushing realisation as to why it was that I hadn’t been to said temple of gloom since almost exactly a year previously when it was the only way I could satisfy my intense and immediate desire to witness the Cohen Brother’s tremendous version of…

Read more… 1,278 more wordsI am right bang alongside what Andygeddon thinks about modern cinemas here.

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I loved the Alamo Drafthouse video. There are still two old theaters in my area. One is a local little theater which is a gem. Held concerts in the 70's and 80's. The other is the civic theater group's theater. The first is a commercial venture and makes it. The second needs community support. You're right, $12 to see a movie under those conditions? It had to be Jet Li for me to do that these days.
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I am quite addicted to martial arts movies, which is odd when you consider that I hate violence. But when I declaim my love for these films my offline friends s

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