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Praise For How Ella Koon Has Maintained Her Model-Like Figure After Becoming A Mom

Ella Koon (官恩娜), one of Hong Kong’s most famous and well-loved singers gave birth to a beautiful 6.7 pound baby boy, Gabriel-Antonio Maurellet on October 4, 2015.

Since then, both fans and the media alike have praised her for the way in which she has quickly lost her “baby weight” and reverted straight back to her slim and model-like figure before becoming pregnant.

Much to the delight of her husband, Juan-Domingo Maurellet, Ella is now again wearing fashio...Read more

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Welcome to my alivenotdead.com profile

Welcome to my alivenotdead.com profile. Please leave a comment and say hi and don't forget to follow my page to get all my latest social media updates in your feed.

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