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finally voted!

i finally got on to put in my t-shirt vote! o yeahhh~~!!!! okie, back to work...

oh man, i have this big FAT headache...or could it be a craving for caffeine...

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fire rainbow

beautiful sight!

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當你走到無力 my song of the week! ^_^

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO9dpczS3Kc&feature=related

i stumbled upon this song while i was clicking away on youtube. the title caught my attention, so i decided to watch the music video too. then, i realized it was peco chui singing! i met peco awhile ago at the CM2008 conference. i just didn't expected to click on his video. i really like the lyrics and hallelujah to god for his talents!! his w...Read more

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need a good LAUGH?

i love my friends. at a moment of stress and incessant coughing, he sends me this:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeDDb5VYwbY

i must agree the lyrics are ridiculously witty. watch the whole thing - especially the end. promise you will get a good  LAUGH! osama...... notice the other videos on the side.....lolz

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i learned a new chinese phrase - 不吐不快. it means there is a lot of stuff in your heart and you just want to spill it out. you are not happy until you have done so.不吐不快 by張敬軒 is very nice. in fact, his music is very very good. i like it a lot. thanks to dot for introducing him to me. another fav artist added onto my list.

  speaking of chinese phrases, i love chinese proverbs too - deep meanings with the limited characters - beautiful! enjoy la~~ Video: Read more

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i'll be taking the ferry to alameda tonight. never done that.....gonna be so fun.....a couple hours from good FOOD! mMmm....yum!  tick tock, tick tock....

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ever wonder where candy corn came from?

i've been meaning to put this up for halloween, but never got to it. kinda late, but here you go :

i was the man during the day, and became the in and out employee by night! totally won the best costume. okay....it was only second place...

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why shouldn't people smoke?

cuz they BURNED My FINGER!!!! and i am scarred for life! ahhhhh......

.....but of course, the #1 reason should be for your health. don't smoke , and be cool   = no more scarred fingers....

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ginger milk curd

j just made 薑汁撞奶 (ginger milk curd). it is sooo good - so fresh~~!  it is amazing how she made it on the spot.....mMmm....so yummy! the best is that i got this treat during work hours. HAHA.  she made it seem so easy, i think i can make it too. maybe i shall try when i get home. hehehe. all i'll need is:1 bottle of milk 1 tbsp of ginger juice ¼ tbsp of white vinegar some sugar

then some prep work:

  1. crush the ginger - squeeze all th...Read more
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at the port of alameda

as i've mentioned yesterday, a few friends and i were gonna take the ferry to alameda for the first time. it was so fun and comfy. totally better than the bart.  felt like we were going to macau....hahahaha.....everything was just so nice - the view especially. it was so funny, we thought we were gonna miss it. we were hella running....got on the street car, but there was a delay, so we hopped onto the bart, and ran up to market. funny thing was that we didn't even know where to board. we just ran and ran hoping they will board...Read more

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