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WHats Goin On?

    I felt a strange urge to visit this site this morning ...I was curious about what I was blogging about this time last year, do you guys read up on your old blogs at all?? its pretty fun!

I looked at my last blog...it was almost a year ago!

Wow time flies! I've been bad! After reading my old blogs I realized I do miss this additional outlet of expressing my feelings and thoughts, well mostly complaints on my end    I miss you AnDers! Hope you guys have been well Read more

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Free Advertising is the best!

  There is a canadian wedding show called "rich bride poor bride" it follows 2 bride to be's through their entire wedding plans from start to finish ...One has a budget and the the other has no budget...Its a fun and informative show for ladies who are planning a wedding.

  It so happens that our shop is close to a few bridal shops and we always get brides coming in our shop to look at the jewellery and even dresses for bridesmaids.  A few days ago there was a phone call asking for ...Read more

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