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How to Shoot an Audition for Upload

Most consumer camcorders  will produce an excellent picture, suitable for an audition. The camera should be on a tripod and there are very cheap tripods at electronics stores that will work just fine. It is best to have an external mike that plugs into the camera, and if you are buying a camera make sure it has an external mike jack. If your camcorder has no external jack, move it as close as you can to frame the picture properly and shoot in a quiet environment. (if the camera is zoomed too wide, it can distort, slightly,...Read more

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Demo Reel Help

Demo Reels for actors and others are an incredibly important marketing tool. I have been cutting reels for a long time and currently edit at EditPlus, a prominent studio in Los Angeles, specializing in reels.

Here are some tips you might find helpful and I'll be posting more as often as I can:

People are asking for 1 minute reels known as "speed" reels. It's a good idea to have a speed reel as part of your promotional arsenal. Standard reels run three to six minutes. If you are building a DVD you can have ree...Read more

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My Friend Jeanne Hartman, a stellar actors' "detective" and coach

Hi Everyone!

It was quite a thrill to read Jeanne Hartman's blog about me. As she says, we've known each other a very long time and I have been proud to be counted among her friends, as she guided so many actors in Hollywood with her insightful coaching! I think the first time I got to know her was at a mutual friend's party while I was still acting and I was blown away by her knowledge of the craft. We talked for hours!

Since then I have been present,...Read more

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Hi Guys

Jason Tobin and Jeanne Hartman brought me to the Alive not Dead site and I am happy to say that I qualify!

I'm an actor who earns his living as an editor in Los Angeles and am an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer and Avid Instructor. I specialize in making reels for professionals, (how I met Jason).

Thanks for this opportunity, It's great to be here!


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