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The Demise of Final Cut Pro 7 and What Now Fills the Void.

I thought it would be a nice historical record to retain what I have written over the past few years, mainly about Final Cut Pro 7, and my Editing Instruction so you can still read up on it throughout these blog entries. What is written directly below, however, is the reality you will encounter today.And, Boy! the world has changed so much there is little time to document it! Here is a brief synopsis of where the world has taken us...EditPlus has closed it's commercial doors (although Dave is still editing out of his house). Jurifilm, Santa Monica has moved too, but retains the same high level of production that made it a well-known broadcast facility on two continents.###While i still offer Final Cut 7 instruction most of this can take place at your location, or remotely, via Skype and I am now assisting other SAG members with their clips and reels at SAG-AFTRA in Los Angeles.


many people are now using Final Cut X, I am offering instruction in that, and will soon be teaching Adobe Premiere Pro as well as continuing with Avid. Since editing has migrated from multi-million dollar edit suites to any Mac laptop at any Starbucks. (PC's are fine for Avid and Adobe), my price for 8 hours of instruction, in person or remotely, remains $500 for any of the above applications.

Delivery, once solely on tape, then DVD, has become totally digital and compression, while still requiring some instruction, has been greatly simplified by Apple and the others.

The other change caused by this revolution has been the spread of "Hollywood" literally throughout the world. I have just been submitted for two acting roles both filming in Beijing, I met a doctor two days ago in Los Angeles who confessed to speaking neither Cantonese nor Mandarin. He explained that his father was from Hong Kong, his mother from Taiwan and the only common language between the two of them was English, so that was the language he grew up with. Our show-business world has become work-a-day global and an exciting world it is!

I am looking forward to helping all those wanting to learn editing from Moscow, to Dublin, to Shanghai!

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