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My Final Cut Pro Editing Instruction in Los Angeles

For those of you who don't know, I am an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer (notice the keyboard at the top of my page)?

Anyway, I've been teaching both Avid and Final Cut for years and advertising it around L.A. I offer one-day crash courses, one-on-one, or for small groups by appointment These are 8 hour courses but the time may be split into 2 four-hour sessions. My contact info is at the bottom of this blog. I am one of the few instructors still offering Final Cut Pro 7 training due to the fact that so many post production studios continue to use the program.

The classes are 8 hours and priced at $500 US when we use your equipment or work at EditPlus in Sherman Oaks.

We are also able to work at JuriFilm where I also teach Avid in a full broadcast environment for $800, or $100 USD, per hour. This is due to the enormous overhead of such a studio, but it is still cheaper than most schools that do not offer hands-on instruction. When you work with me, it is hands-on from the first minute. I accept cash, credit cards, Paypal or, when arrangements are made in advance, checks are accepted.

You can check me  out with with Jason Tobin who has done some classes with me. Okay, Jason?

I am always available to answer Final Cut questions for ANDers. No charge for that, happy to do it.

Take a look at my blurb below and feel free to comment:

This is a jpeg of the edit bay where your instruction will take place at JuRiFilm

My course description:

"Private one-on-one tutoring. Learn to cut a movie in Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express in 8 hours or less, using my methods that I have developed during 20 years of instruction.

 If you have tried learning Final Cut Pro, or Avid, elsewhere and wound up bewildered, I can help.

I am an Apple Certified Trainer (Exam score 96.4).

You do not need your own computer or Final Cut Pro program. I can provide everything we need for training. If you have your own system we will work on that, which means I can help you set it up for optimum performance.

I have taught Final Cut Pro editing at UCLA Extension and Avid at Learning Tree University, as well as other venues, for over 15 years. I am currently a working editing professional in Hollywood, (see partial resume below).

My hourly rate to train at your location (in and around Los Angeles is $60 per hour or $400 for my 8 hour course and may be shared by two students. Acceptable payments: cash, Paypal, all major credit cards or checks when arrangements are made in  advance. .

I tailor my instruction to the needs and objectives of individual students. Some students wish to cut their own movie. Others are directors or producers who wish to communicate better with their editors. Some are actors or directors of photography who wish edit their own reels. Many are planning an editing career in the industry. As an Avid editor myself, I help Avid editors add FCP to their skills. Sessions are always exciting, fun and rewarding.

Learn to capture from all capture formats, disks, cards, tape and the Web. Learn compression for web, email programs, large file transfer sites, iPhone and all others. Instruction in ingesting and peripheral programs such as Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro etc. as relates to Final Cut Pro editing.

My editing resume is extensive, including cutting trailers for Disney, and working for such Hollywood luminaries as Steven Poster ASC, and Robert Abel. I am available to help those with less (or no) experience. (My advanced students learn the art of cutting trailers)

I also specialize in assisting those who want to learn while cutting their own project. A feature film I cut ("Forgiving the Franklins") for a first-time Writer/Producer/Director became a Sundance Selection.

I come to you or you can train with me at Edit Plus, in Sherman Oaks. I have been teaching Avid for 15 years and Final Cut Pro since 2002.

As a career editor, I approach editing instruction from the perspective of someone who makes their living practicing the art of editing on a daily basis. As a former company owner (Angus Lake Productions) I had to develop teaching methods that got young editors up to speed in the shortest possible time.

I have developed teaching methods that go well beyond those applied in formal schools. A current 18 year old student of mine told me, "I learn more from you in 10 minutes than I get from 5 hours of sitting in my Final Cut Pro class in College."

My one-day crash course teaches the basics of cutting a simple movie, from capture/transfer to compression and/or output, with titles and music.

These intense but stress-free sessions are designed to help you absorb the most in the shortest possible time.

I offer training for:

Those with no editing experience, whatever

Those with experience who want to fill in some gaps

Those who wish to cut their own independent movie

Those who would like assistance cutting their own independent movie

Avid editors who wish to learn Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Express Training

Machine room Operation including Digibeta functions.

For those of you seeking training in the highest end broadcast and film-editing environment featuring private edit suites, both Final Cut Pro and Avid equipped, digibeta decks, both Pal and NTSC, and complete machine room operation, we can meet at JuriFilm in Santa Monica. My students are offered full access for $100 per hour including my rate. (This is very low for such a facility). The edit suites can accommodate up to three students who may split the hourly rate.

My resume, student feedback sheet, and video samples of my editing are available by email. I am a published author and a member of LA Final Cut Pro Users Group.

References, Testimonials and video samples are available by request. Of course you can view some of my work, right here :)

You can contact me by commenting on my blog or email me at lawrence_benedict@yahoo.com

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Lawrence, My name is Claire and I'm a broadcast journalism student at USC. We have done all our editing on Avid and feel that I'm pretty proficient in it. On January 16th I'm leaving for London for a semester, so I've added Final Cut Express to my computer so I can edit my own stories abroad. I was wondering if I could have a one-on-one session with you to learn Final Cut Express sometime between Jan 11-14th. I'm available anytime during those days and can come to you. Please e-mail me at claireat@usc.edu if you are available. Thanks!
about 10 years ago
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Hi Lawrence. I am interested in your final cut classes. I don't see any contact info so please reach me at imnotlykeyou@gmail.com
about 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice! hope some people take advantage of this.
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