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Final Cut Pro Tip of the Week

Final Cut Pro Tip of the Week:

One of the most exciting features of Final Cut Pro (as well as Avid) editing are the "JKL" keys. Invented by Avid, they were adopted by Final Cut after an outcry by editors at an early demonstration of Final Cut. At the end of the demo, at the first call for questions, everyone yelled out, they say, in unison, "Where are my "JKL" keys?" Apple realized the oversight and immediately remapped the keyboard. 

"L" plays normally, (downstream)

The more times you press L the faster the clip in viewer or Sequence in Timeline shuttles.

Press "K" pauses play.

"J", pressed once plays in reverse, (upstream) 

The more times you press "J" the faster the clip or timeline shuttles in reverse.

Hold down the "K" key and tap "L" to move forward one frame at a time

Hold down the "K" key and the "L" key together to play forward in slow motion

When shuttling forward tap the "J" key to slow down forward shuttle by the same increments

The same combinations work with the "J" key when moving backwards (in reverse or upstream)

Directly above the "JKL" keys are the "I" and "O" keys. "I" marks the "In Point" "O" marks the "Out Point"

Check back in a week for the next tip.

As has been obvious, I've been having trouble keeping my blog current. Just hasn't been time lol. So I'm going to try something new. A Final Cut Pro "tweet" if you will. Each week I will add a short, but very useful, tip that can benefit newbies and pros alike. Here we go... This week's FCP "tweet:"

Got an opening or several in your timeline you'd like to close? There are numerous ways to do it but the easiest?

Park your playhead (the thin vertical line with the yellow triangle pointing down) on the gap and use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-G.

Can't remember the keyboard shortcut?

Park your cursor on the gap in the track, right-click, or control-click, and a contextual menu will "pop up." Of the three choices, select " CLOSE GAP." Your downstream sequence will instantly ripple and the gap will be closed.

Next tip in a week. :)

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