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A little housekeeping and AVID TUTORING

Hi Everyone,

I apologize to all my friends who have been sending me emails. It appears that emails from Asia have been ending up in my spam folder, and there are a ton there now I need to translate.

I speak only English and French, except for the basics like greetings in other languages so it will take me a while to get back to you, but I will!


While continuing to work with my Avid clients since the advent of Final Cut Pro, I really focused on FCP to teach editing. However, over the past year I have had a lot of call for Avid tutoring, once again. Of course I am continuing to offer Final Cut, especially because there is quite a cost difference when considering the two (or three if we consider Final Cut X as a different program from Final Cut Studio).

Hollywood is, once again, turning to Avid, and Avid editors are required to edit Movies, TV shows and commercials. I speak of "Hollywood," because that's where I'm located in California, but Hollywood is wherever you find the entertainment industry, be it Hong Kong, Beijing, Toronto, London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Brazil. and Capetown, South Africa. Of course I've left out about a thousand "Hollywoods" in this list, including those in New Zealand and Australia.  

Avid bays are expensive to rent and use, because the equipment is very expensive, but the studio with whom I have had a relationship for years, JuRiFilm, make a special arrangement for my students. It is located in Culver City, not far from Sony, (originally MGM) and close to Santa Monica, and Venice, CA. 

JuRiFilm is interesting because it is a very international studio, creating a great deal of content for Europe. JuRiFilm has offered my students a special rate of $100 USD per hour, so an 8 hour day of hands-on Avid instruction works out to be $800 USD including my tutoring. For that price I can accommodate up to three students.  If you research other schools that offer large classes, with no hands-on time for the student, I think you will find this rate is extremely reasonable.

I am adding a jpeg of the edit bay we use, which is the same bay that creates highest-end broadcast content at JuRiFilm.There are other bays available within JuRiFilm at the same level of sophistication.


Of course my Fina Cut Tutoring continues as usual.

Anyone interested in more information can contact me here or by phone at 1-310-927-0479 or Skpe using my email, lawrence_benedict@yahoo.com

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wow, nice setup!
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