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3 years after 3 years after 3 years, 9 years coming la boss...

well it has only been 3 years but it feels more like 9. today is the last day of my third year at the company, so despite how tired and busy i am, i felt i needed to put in a blog entry on this very special day.

lets do the top 10 again. so here are the top 10 learnings during my 3 years at the company:

1) enjoy the advantage of being a part of the digital influence team as you can always get away for using twitter, msn and facebook at work.

2) be a trend setter, not a follower. my hotel slippers has become the talk of town and many ex-colleagues still remember this fashion statement years after they've departed.

3) leave on time if you've done all your work. it just means that you are more efficient than the person sitting next to you.

4) don't feel guilty to close the elevator door on someone if you are in a rush. they will learn to walk faster next time.

5) you can often forget people's name working in a big company. the easiest way to recall their name is to tell them that you've lost their mobile number and then ask them to spell out their name again.

6) there is such thing as a stupid question, so think before you ask.

7) talk less, do more. its the only way you'll be able to get off work at a decent time and enjoy what's left of your social life.

8) when you ask for a favour, be prepared to return it.

9) there are tonnes of pencils lying around the office but not one pencil sharpener.

10) when you know there is going to be a fire drill, take the elevator to the lobby 10 minutes before the alarm goes off or hide in one of the washroom stalls to catch up on facebook on your mobile phone.

to commemorate my 3 years, i accidentally bought myself a seiko watch for quite a deal. 3 years and all i could afford is a seiko... this makes tony leung look good.

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sounds like you know how to "survive" the smart way in a company ;) I know the elevator thingie by myself pretty good *rolls eyes*
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until you forget name of "robert chen" or something similarly easy.... he'll know you forgot if you ask him how to spell it...
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