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Lawrence Wong

surround yourself with positive things and people. no drama, no negativity. #chanel

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loving that #chanel tweed on me, citta bella july'15 cover story.

LWmagazineshoots | #LWmediacoverage

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itadakimasu. 🙏🏻😋

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I don't want to just be your good friend. but sigh, sometimes love is about letting go.

118sg | #张家宝 | #小宝

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you love my socks don't you? #ohohcoconut

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specially customized denim jacket designed by me.

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bye HK. 👋🏻 see you very soon.

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roaming the streets of HK.

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she loves @prada.

@ohohcoconut | #ohohcoconut | #prada

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👕👖 today's outfit.

styling: @jumiusw @jackwangg @ojnjenine hair: @mrlow

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