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Lawrence Wong

i'm gonna eat you! 🍣

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L'OFFICIEL 8th Anniversary March'15 issue.

Happy Anniversary @lofficielsingapore! 😘

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@eskybaby when he was a kitten. it's been nearly a year since he passed away but I still miss him so so so so much. 🐱😢

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sometimes we're like the fishes in the tank; a lot to express but once we open our mouths, they become bubbles and dissipates away, our words remaining buried deep within our hearts forever.

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who wants my towel over their head?




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who wants my sweaty towel over their head?




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thank you to a very talented friend.🐱

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repost from @lawrencewongth.

my thailand instagrammers, did you catch the 2nd episode of my thai sitcom, "Yes Sir, My Boss!" just now?

if you are not in thailand, you can watch it online at OR True4U youtube OR download the True4U app.



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walking my pet sharks.

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when I grow up, I wanna be happy and carefree like the fishes.

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Lawrence Wong

Actor , Singer , Model

English Name Lawrence Wong
Birthday 08-05
Location Singapore
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