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love this quote from my good sister @aaaaaileng and i shall try my best to translate:

wearing a $300 watch or a $300k watch, they tell the same time.

drinking a $30 beer or a $3000 wine, you vomit the same puke.

staying in a 300 sq ft room or a 3000 sq ft condo, the loneliness is the same.

smoking a $10 cigarette or a $1000 cigar, they'll still give you lung cancer.

sitting in economy class or business class, you'll still not be able to get home if the plane ever crash.

one day you'll understand that true hap...Read more

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i'm a slow walker, but i never walk back. 🚶🏻

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goodnight mr fox. #thelittleprince

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// Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition.

hair by @mrlow.


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my dream lunch: #mcdsg new festive #clubhouse burger, truffle flavoured shaker fries and coke float. #sp

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🕯🕯🕯 did i mentioned how much i love candles?

with @gabrielyap @clarencelee.

@escentials | #escentials | #escentialssg

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after gym with my 🐱🎄.

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off to another session of #hydrafacial! thanks to @drjyong for my #betterskin. #nakedface

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picking up the habit of reading again. highly recommend these two books. 📚

LVSERIES3 | #onmyhexmarbletable

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