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Hi everyone!

I've been pretty busy the past few months due to work, school and other stuffs. I haven't been able to update this account for quite sometime now. I just check the updates regularly and that's it. I sort of miss being online for a long time and have lots of free time. Too bad I can't enjoy the summer vacation again because I will be having my On the Job Training. I want to have at least a week off after my OJT so that I will be able to rest for awhile. I hope everything goes well with my OJT because I still don&#...Read more

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Quotes to ponder

An inspiring quote from Pao that I received this morning:

"Better not to mind the thing that depresses you coz it only makes you weak inside and out. There's a lot of things you can give your time into. Don't get stuck with the thing that ruins your day. Be happy..God loves y0u.."

Again from Pao:

two of the hardest tests in life: the patience to wait for the right moment.. and the courage to accept that you've waited for nothing..

Quote from Eena:

Dnt focus on wat u lost bt wat rm...Read more

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I know! It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. Sorry lah, my schedule is soooo annoying! Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m at school from 8am-6pm (hate it right?) and during Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm-8pm (funny!). Also, I have to study Law 1 Obligations and Contracts which is making my nose bleed. Haha! Well anyway, last night I went to Pagcor Casino in Parañaque with my classmates to watch Read more

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Happy 27th Birthday Zaizai!


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The Next Fresh Confidence Star

Hi friends! ^^
I would just like to ask a little favor from all of you ‘coz my friend, June Andrew Rabin joined the search for the Next Fresh Confidence Star. He needs a lot of votes for him to make it at least in the top 20. After that, the judges will be the one choosing the next fresh confidence star. So if you have time, I really hope you can support and help him. I’d really appreciate it if you guys will. Anyway, before you can vote you have to register...Read more

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It's my off!!

posted last Saturday @ my multiply site..I'm currently entertaining myself alone in our house because it's my off from work and it feels good to just laze and do nothing. Actually time pass by so quickly and I didn’t even notice that one week of PST is over. We just had our first written assessment last night and I congratulate myself for having three mistakes out of sixty questions. Haha well its open helpnet so it’s really easy lah. What I’m scared right now is our mock calls and the verbal assessment wherein we will be doing a ro...Read more

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Lauren d' office girl

Yes, you read it right. I'm currently in training @ Eperformax in Makati for a week now. Sis Mimi and I are on the same company. Nice! I started last tuesday, my schedule is from 3pm-11pm and that's the reason why I seldom visit multiply. So it's good to be doing something during the summer vacation and earning a little since we only get meal and transportation allowance. Yah..but it's great to be learning a lot about the diction, intonation and enu...Read more

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New Zaizai MV - Can Nian

The KTV version of Can Nian is out already. Here's the link:



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F4 Ken Chu 2008 Getting Real Concert

Here are a few clips and links to Ken Chu's Getting Real Concert in Japan with Rainie Yang as his special guest. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! I'm really in love with Xiao Tian's voice waaaah~

Azio ClipF4 Ken Chu 2008 Getting Real Concert - Carpenter medley(audio)F4 KEN CHU 2008 2nd Concert Jazz Medley

F4 Ken Chu 2008 Getting Real Concert - Jazz medley part 2(audio)Ken - Ai Bu Ting ZhiRead more

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I'm currently preparing for my business proposal presentation tomorrow. I hope everything will go smoothly. Anyway, to lighten up my mood and prevent myself from getting sleepy I took some test which I got fromjessica. And here's the result:###What's on your mind?

Here is the analysis:You'll drop everything to be wit...Read more

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