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Blog: Sunday, Dec 9

Well i hi there everyone i havent had a chance to write a blog for a while call me slack if you want hehe but im sorry :).

Right now im sitting in my apartment in Los Angeles and its a beautiful day outside although its really cold now so im all rugged up. Basically these last few months i have been doing a range of things i have been doing acting classes and going to auditions i have been getting many call backs which is cool although the writers strike has put a hold on things here not many projects going ahead unless its realit...Read more

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Back in LA

Well i have hit back in LA after the Film is over and yes i am back on the phone for Audition after Audition. I celebrated my birthday just recently, and it was fun had some friends from Australia here as well as some from Japan. I went to San Diego for the weekend and saw some amazing animals at San Diego Zoo, Sea World and my favourite San Diego Wild Animal Safari Par...Read more

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Kuala Lumpur-Calista Hair Shoot

This is candid shots of me on set for the new colour Print Ads for Calista Hair Colour. This is one colour, there was 7 other wigs i had to wear. Will keep you posted once the Ads come out!!! So Many different looks i had to have, so much fun now i know what colour best suits me, don’t worry everyone my hair is not this short i...Read more

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KL International Dance Workshop

Come along to my dance workshop in the city of Kuala Lumpur on the 13th and 14th of July. Aimed to make you work up a sweat and have fun!

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Kinta 1881

Currently Shooting the first Malaysian Kung Fu film Kinta 1881 set in the 1800's, i'm playing the role of 'Rose' an english girl come to visit my best friends hometown 'Kinta'. Its now 5am and i'm waiting for my next call time to travel back to set, tiring but the cast and crew and awesome. The shooting is going really well! I'm excited to see the end product.x Laura

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Session 2- KINTA 1881 Shoot

This week we started the second session of shooting it’s going really well and i’m really excited about the new scenes coming up!! This is me in the make-up truck with one of the actresses “Summer”. Stay tuned

See more photos from first ...Read more

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Session 1- KINTA 1881 Shoot

This was a very exciting week! The first week of shoot, sweating under the hot sun in a layered corset and dress was a difficulty but the humidity i’m getting used to!

Stay tuned!

See more photos from first shoot!

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