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The Anniversary. Best Cinematography @ Filmapalooza 2016..! #48Filma Nicholas Chee Leo Poloniecki Edward Cryer Arnold San Juan Rose Mao Imee Lim Yan Seo Alison Lester Alejandro Callirgos Wendy Toh Karen Bee Lin Tan Julie Natalia Wee

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The Fear of Coffee keeping YOU awake is only a Myth that has affected YOU psychologically all these years. If Coffee is truly so potent to keep a human being from sleep, why hasn't any coffee manufacturer come up with the tagline - "The ONLY Drink that WILL keep You Awake" ? ? ?

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Yummy.. :p

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And so, today i expended; -5 hours on script conceptualisation; -4 hours on crap talk; -3 hours on scheduling, inclusive of waiting time; -2 hours of info exchange; -1 hour on texting; -the rest of the hours, u ask..? - limpeh no need sleep ar..? >.<

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Evalee Lin Sotong max.. Lol :p

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Just another day..

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And its, for me today.

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Ebriety < 醉 >

Directed By: Julious Ooi Cast: Larry Low 劉龍偉 / Sherry Tao/Tao Ying

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