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Happy... teacher DAY~... Woooo^^

 Thai Teacher Day... on 11th of June..... Wooo~

Every class t have to make a flower for their teacherssssss

So ........ No math class on that day..... and the weather is really HOT!!!

We were been making a flower for 2 hourssss and then we're doneeee

I know  our class' flower may not be really great but this sent to our teacher from a bottom of our heartssss.... Hope She'll enjoys...


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about 11 years ago
Photo 37973
wooooo, very beautiful and sweet gift for your teacher. She must love it very much.
about 11 years ago
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It is so good day,isnt it. Then the flower decoration is so beautiful!! So happy day for teacher and students. Cheers, sam★
about 11 years ago
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almost 11 years ago


Vanness,I love you. So handsome la!!!

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