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Lapin Chen


 Yesterday.. at school I open the computer in my English Presentation class... and saw that.. Mr. V updated his blog.... at that time I didn't have enough time to enjoy all his updated... but when I got back home... I've a very good read on that and it makes me realize something.... Dubbness.. you're so handsome!!!.. and Tiffany in that MV, I really think you're look like the Snow White... and if you're the Snow White.. our Dubbness must be the most handsome prince ever and after...


And... for the most handsome prince... If you dance til the day you die.. Definitely say ... we'll keep supprtin and lovin you till the day we die too

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Honey Sister... you're just really and really CUTE!!!!

  Sis... you really and really looked great with that dress for out sportsday..... and honestly... always hope that one day I'll be as cute as you!!!...KISSES AND HUGS MY HONEY 

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Happy... teacher DAY~... Woooo^^

 Thai Teacher Day... on 11th of June..... Wooo~

Every class t have to make a flower for their teacherssssss

So ........ No math class on that day..... and the weather is really HOT!!!

We were been making a flower for 2 hourssss and then we're doneeee

I know  our class' flower may not be really great but this sent to our teacher from a bottom of our heartssss.... Hope She'll enjoys...


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Lapin Chen


Vanness,I love you. So handsome la!!! ...Read more

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