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Hong Kong part 3

There was one thing I forgot to mention about my trip to Jackies office, when I was coming out, the sliding electric gate was being opened for me to go out.

Just as the gate slid open there was a coach full of tourists stopped on the road outside, I'm sure as they saw the gates open they thought they would see someone famous come out.

Their cameras were clicking away 20 to the dozen as I walked out, I felt so silly, I bet they were thinking "Who the hell is that?", I skulked out of the gate and up the road as quick as I could.

Where was I? yes we had arrived at the hotel in Penang late in the evening we dropped off our bags and went over the road to a Hawker market to eat.

If you have not been to a Hawker market to eat it is quite an experience you sit on tables placed in the centre of a large square, all around the sides are stalls selling all types of food.

The idea is that you go and order the food from tha stalls that you want, it is nice that you can order a mixture of dishes, Indian, Chinese, Italian etc all for the same meal, you pay for the food when it arrived. The food was delicious.

We spent 2 days just lounging by the pool to recharge the batteries and on the evenings we went out for the lovely food.

On Wednesday we took a trip to see Orangutans we went over the Penang bridge, the second longest in Asia.

The orangutans were on an island, firstly we saw the older ones then the 3yr olds. There was some children in our group and they couldn't stop laughing as the one orangutan had a pee over the head of another :lol:

Later we went to see the babies in the nursery

Much later we went back to see the 3yr olds and were allowed to meet them.

No comments please about which one is the monkey

Later we went to the ECO Park, you could buy bags of food on the way in and feed the animals on the way around, the moment we stepped in there little monkeys jumped all over us after the food.

Here is a picture of a Bear Cat, I've never heard of them before

The park also had a lovely waterpark but it was not part of the tour, if we ever go again I will hire a car and spend the day there.

More later

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I had a similar diva moment when I pulled up to a concert in a limo, everyone was clicking the cameras, and I got out, and they still clicked thinking 'she must be famous...take her picture anyway'! I just wanted a hole to open up and swallow me. What an experience it must of been to be so close to the orangutans, they are such amazing creatures. Thanks for sharing the trip so far.
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I know the difference. There's only one monkey. The other's an orangutan. So close to a great Jackie photo op...damn. But think of how many people have your picture now. Funny.
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It sound like you had a wonderful trip and are also having a great time making everyone who stops by incredibly jealous. :-) Incidentally, I love your picture, David Tennant is my favorite Doctor.
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Ooh, lovely monkeys. They like to put on a show sometimes, don't they? They do some hilarious things. At the San Diego zoo which I visited a couple of years ago, there was the largest crowd there just watching the orangutans doing their thing.
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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Great pics, Laney! My husband has been physically disabled for 6 years and consequently has watched a lot of TV, specifically shows on Animal Planet. The one thing he would love to do if he were ever able to be not physically disabled (not much hope here) would be to work at an orangutang sanctuary! He absolutely adores these beauties! Hey, I wonder how many tourists will keep their pics of you coming out of JC's studio because they think you might work for him! haha!
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That last pic is soooo cute... the shy way he/she is looking at you. lol You sure do get around, lady. :)
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Just when you thought it was safe..... I'm back


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