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Guy Fawkes Night

Myself and my neighbours are putting on a bonfire tonight to Celebrate bonfire night, the actual day is Monday but as that is a school night and festivities go on late we have it on the closest Saturday.

We have a huge bonfire ready in the garden to light when it gets dark, and have been out to buy fireworks.

Its traditional to have food, normally potatoes wrapped in foil and baked in the embers of the bonfire, but most people bake them in the oven these days, but I remember having them that way as a child, all burnt on the outside and still raw in the middle. It is traditional where I live,"The Black Country" to eat Groaty Pudding, which is soaked groats, beef, leeks, onion and beef stock cooked very slowly for 16hrs in the oven

When we were young it was a much bigger event, each street had their own bonfire, and the kids living in the street had the job of going out and finding wood to build it.

I remember the 2 boys next door getting in trouble because they had taken the doors that their dad had only just taken off to sand down and repaint, he went mad when he found them on the bonfire

Mind you had to post guards on your bonfire because the kids from other streets stole your wood for their bonfire, we were lucky in our street that we had older boys who could stop up late to pinch wood and guard our bonfire

Our Fathers were the ones who bought and let off the fireworks and our mothers made the food. I remember all us kids looking forward to this night for weeks, we would be dragging back any broken branches we found for weeks before, if we wouldn't find any we would break a few.

Oh those were the days......I hope the one we have tonight will be remembered as fondly by the kids who are coming

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What a nice tradition for the neighborhood to celebrate? Do you burn a Guy Fawkes effigy or has the reason for the bonfires fallen by the wayside?
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I still remember the kids that used to have an image of Guy Fawkes they made and alittle bucket to collect whle busking. Don't see many now. southport still looks smoggy after all the fireworks. Hope the night went well and the kids enjoyed it. I like the little tale of the next door kids, i can just imagine their father's face
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Just when you thought it was safe..... I'm back


November 2, 2006