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azn television: asian excellence awards 2007

during updating my other blog about showbiz

thinking of sharing this with you

AZN Television: Asian Excellence Awards 2007

LIVE on AZN Website:http://azntv.com/axawards/

the hosts for the event are Daniel Dae Kim, the actor from Lost

and Grace Park, the actress from Battlestar Galactica

i found out that last year host was ...Read more

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danielwu newsletters

the first daniel's newsletter within two years after alivenotdead project had launced. the newsletter sent to yahoogroups on may24. i happened to check my inbox today and this is his message


Daniel Wu Newsletter @ Yahoo Groups

date: thu, 24 may 2007

subject: Goto alivenotdead.com!!!

Hello Everyone,

I haven't used this account for a long time, since announcing the old

ALIVENOTDEAD. COM site a couple years ago.

I will most likely close this down soon. So this ...Read more

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honda ads

refer to daniel's blog about honda ads

since youtube is banned in thailand, we can't see anything from youtube, also from veoh website

so this is the ads daniel mentioned. i saw it first time in the year 2005. stunning, of course

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pirates of the caribbean: at world's end

i went to watch 'pirates of the caribbean: at world's end' today.

johnny depp vs mr chow yun fat, fifteen years ago who ever thought this two mega stars in the same scene, on the same screen.

there're thai crews working in this movie too, hope thai actors will shine in hollywood as hk stars do.

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jet li's WAR

i found this clip at myspace and want to share with you


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i went to cinema to see Protege today

the story is so good and the actors are so well

i was surprised to see Nirut Sirijanya, thai actor, in that movie. he's one of the greatest

didn't know when they came to chiangmai, sad sad. like that day when shawn yu and stephen feng at bangkok. sad sad. want to see them acting, working

chiangmai is nice, hope all actors and crews enjoy your time during the shooting


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alive back to HK

all the guy's blogs are fulled of their unforgetable experiences

they have such a very good time, glad to hear that

they talk about friends mostly beside the film festival

also the beautiful places described by andrew

the place to eat by terence and how good the food is by conroy

daniel sounds serious since this is his big event

if you see the photo which the man putting the letters 'heavenly kings' on to the lightboard at cinema, i say, this will be told until next generation, dani...Read more

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alive going to the USA

from the latest daniel's blog, he's already at the states

wish all of them a great success

keep moving on!

by the way, thank you everyone visiting my blog


stay healthy

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greeting from thailand


hello everyone

very enjoy this site

so content that artists keep updating themselves

love seeing you all here

let's support the artists and their works

with love


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Hello all

first time here and this is cool

i love this "ALIVENOTDEAD"

nice meeting you all

and for ALIVE, i love you!!


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