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27th Hongkong Film Awards 2008

The winners of HKFA2008- Best Film: The Warlords

  • Best Director: Peter Chan Ho Sun [The Warlords]

  • Best Screenplay: Mad Detective

-  Best Actor: Jet Li [The Warlords]

  • Best Actress:  Si Shin Gao Woa [The Postmodern Life of My Aunt]
  • Best Supporting Actor:  Andy Lau [Protege]

  • Best Supporting Actress:  Sao Yin Yin [The Pye-Dog]

  • Best New Comer:  Chu Zhi San [Eye in the Sky]

  • Best Cinematography:  The Warlords

  • Best Editing:  Protege

  • Best Art Director: The Warlords

  • Best Costume and Make-Up: The Warlords

  • Best Choreography:Flash Point

  • Best Visual Effects: The Warlords

  • Best Sound Design:  The Warlords

  • Best Original Film Score:  The Postmodern Life of My Aunt

  • Best Original Film Song: Love is not all Around

  • Best New Director: Yau Nai Hoi [Eye in the Sky]

  • Best Asian Film: Lust-Cuation


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