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2007 Taipei Golden Horse Awards

all the winners at 2007 Taipei Golden Horse Awards

รายชื่อผู้ที่ได้รับรางวัลในแต่ละสาขา ได้แก่

  • Best Feature Film: Lust, Caution

  • Best Short Film: Fly Out Blue

  • Best Docutmetary: Hollywood Chinese

  • Best Director: Ang Lee [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Leading Actor:Tony Leung Chiu Wei [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Leading Actress: Joan Chen [The Home Song Stories]

  • Best Supporting Actor: Tony Leung Ka Fai [The Drummer]

  • Best Supporting Actress: Fan Bing Bing [The Matrimony]

  • Best New Performer: Tang Wei [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Original Screenplay: The Home Song Stories

  • Best Screenplay Adaption: Lust, Caution

  • Best Cinematography: Mark Ping Bin Lee [The Matrimony]

  • Best Visual Effects: Secret

  • Best Art Direction:  Auson Pinyopotjanee [The Detective]

  • Best Makeup & Costume Design: Pan Lai [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Action Chreography: Donnie Yen [Flash Point]

  • Best Original Film Score: Alexandre Desplat [Lust, Caution]

- Best Original Film Song  Secret [Secret]

  • Best Film Editing: Zhang Yi Fan, Jiang Wen [The Sun Also Rises]

  • Best Sound Effect: The Most Distant Course

  • The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year: Secret

  • The Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Ang Lee

  • FIPRESCI Award: What on earth have I done wrong?

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Edward Yang

credit: goldenhorse website

Lust, Caution Trailer



Lust, Caution OST: Yang Mou by Tony Leung Chiu Wei



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