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translation forums

i found this forum interesting

for those who don't know its existence

here the link: http://www.alivenotdead.com/bbs/forum-38-1.html

check it out

no language barrier!

thank you those translators...

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more pictures

i have put more pictures of me at hongkong 2009-2010

have a very good time visiting hongkong

wish i can go there every year :D

now i don't have to have the inspiration to be there

just be there!!

so pray for me and i'll will be there again, Hongkong!

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Michael Wong's Concert


want to go see this concert..

no luck... i'm at bangkok, thailand


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hello ppl


been long time since my last post

how are you ppl?? hope everyone's doing great!

see recently more artists become part of AnD family

thanks AnD for being a center, now i get to know more artists besides actors

 thanks admin and the staffs for the hardwork!

and friends, isn't here a nice place... !! ^_^


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27th Hongkong Film Awards 2008

The winners of HKFA2008- Best Film: The Warlords

  • Best Director: Peter Chan Ho Sun [The Warlords]

  • Best Screenplay: Mad Detective

-  Best Actor: Jet Li [The Warlords]

  • Best Actress:  Si Shin Gao Woa [The Postmodern Life of My Aunt]
  • Best Supporting Actor:  Andy Lau [Protege]

  • Best Supporting Actress:  Sao Yin Yin [The Pye-Dog]...Read more

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2007 Taipei Golden Horse Awards

all the winners at 2007 Taipei Golden Horse Awards

รายชื่อผู้ที่ได้รับรางวัลในแต่ละสาขา ได้แก่

  • Best Feature Film: Lust, Caution

  • Best Short Film: Fly Out Blue

  • Best Docutmetary: Hollywood Chinese

  • Best Director: Ang Lee [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Leading Actor:Tony Leung Chiu Wei [Lust, Caution]

  • Best Leading Actress: Joan Chen [The Home...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Nov 22


howdy ppl??

just add some photos of my latest trip to hk. only three days and two nights

and all we did was shopping yet got one day at Polin Monastry, do merit.

quick note, " lust, caution " in theater at bangkok. i'll go watch it.

have you guys watched it? Mr.Ang Lee guarantee

love you


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hello ppl

though it's been awhile i didn't blog, i'm here everyday

so much to do, so little time :(

hope everyone doing great!!! happy happy everyone

i'll be back with more.....

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blood brothers

Blood Brothers teaser

the quality isn't good coz i convert it, smaller it too

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a microsoft coffee table

last sunday, i watched a tv program about new technologythey were talking about iPhone which is about to release on june29

which seems less interesting compare to what's called "a coffee table"

or microsoft surface computing, the microsoft best-kept secret of the year

the clip demonstrates what the surface can do,

credit: popularmechanics

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