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Kylie Winona Choy 蔡玟軒

The first ever YOuth Big Band Fest 2011

The HK Big Band Federation presents The Jazz World Festival

The Youth Big Band Fest featuring Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra

2011.10.14 friday 730pm @ Jov=ckey Club Auditorium @ Poly U, HKG

programs include:

Jazz Band from International Christian School

HK Youth Jazz Orchestra

Noble THursday Jazz Band

Saturday Night Jazz ORchestra

  • vocal Elaine Liu, Larry and me

++ swing dance performance by HK Swings

This is my debut singing with Big Band in HKG. I havent been singing solo for almost 2 years.

Taka-san from SNJO keeps promoting big band and teaching youth, here is the first Youth big band in HKG.

Pls support live music!


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Yangzi River travel program shooting for Roadshow,HKG

Just back from China for a travel program shooting about ' Wuhan, Yangzi River-- 3 Gorges & ChongQing' for Roadshow channel in HKG. My first time there and the 3 gorges are so beautiful.

The shooting team is great, people are nice and helpful, my first travel program shooting, tho its work instead of a relaxing travel trip, I enjoyed it so much, enjoyed the time with the environment, people and the experience

Stay tuned for the broadcasting date on 28/4/2011 for 15 episodes of 2 mins each everyday! it will be looped many times in a day, get on a bus and take the chance watching it them !

Cheers mates !

The boat ride on the little little 3 gorge


had fun with the other 2 hosts, Enzo and Kin at Jing Zhou old city


The most delicious and authentic ChongQing food in this trip ,zajiangmien on the last day


The shooting team: Writer+leader+all in 1 Howard , Director Nel, Host Kin, ME, Host Enzo, Lighting Han , all in 1 helper Xiao Tan @ ChongQing Airport back HKG thru Shenzhen Airpport.

Thanks God, thanks the team!

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Earth From Above -- Hong Kong 2010

World renowned Aerial portrait photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand came HKG last month to have his HKG debut Earth From Above photo exhibition in HKG at Olympian City. The exhibition will last till 26/Dec at OC open arena for free. Dun miss his great work! Here is the 2nd event of earth From Above that they went on a Heli ride for taking picture of HKG from the Sky.See the big green heart at the backdrop of me and Yann, do your know where is that place?That is his aerial portrait of this fabulous landmark.

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Music Gig Tonight: Kylie x Byron

Kylie X Byron Dates: 2 Oct 2010 ( TONGIHT )People: Kylie @ Vocal ; Byron@ Guitar ; Mike@ Guest TrumpeterTime: 900-945pmVenue: 12F Ozone @ Langham Place, MK, HKGWe will share with you some of our fav pop, jazz, musicalsFeel free to come by and see ya 2nite.

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Cantonese orginal musical

The Only King 2010 has successfully finished on 15 sug 2010 with 5 shows in total performed in Auditorium, shatin, Hong Kong.

Its according Samuel 1 in the Bible about Prophet Samuel, King Saul and King David.

This is the 3rd time I participated in this large scale original all singing cantonese musical.We hv been rehearsed for almost 2.5 months.

amazing world class standard music arrangements by renowned musicians in HKG, talented script writer and song writer and director. professional actors, dancers, singers, designers. It has created a legend in hkg that we oculd hv our own world standard production.

Just a pity with lacking budget and the situation in HKG that hardly could hv 100 shows like in broadway, that we couldnt hv live orchestra, otherwise it would be perfect.

So pls support Hong Kong production to make another legend in the world that we could touring around other chinese speaking countries or even any part of the world.

The Only King 2 is coming, if you want to watch it, pls support us. More about King David in Samuel 2.

The Only King 2 live trailer after each show

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NTT Com Asia @ HKG July 2010

NTT Com Asia held its first ever conference in HKG last week, I was the emcee for that and here i had some pictures with very nice atmosphere.

Those popular Japanese DoCoMo mobile phones among HOng Kongnese are from NTT!!

Wut a very green life backdrop! feelign fresh and relaxing.

For sure I wore suit to fit int he nature of the event for being the emcee. Do I look like a cardboard man?

Guest from NTT Japan, Uji-san


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Singing @<一人戀愛>( 'Singles in Love' )

Here is the video clip for the guest singing anita mui's '有人心' and sandy lam's' 赤裸的秘密'in Clifton's debut solo music act on 2nd July 2010

the video is not that professional with good equipment, but hope you all enojoy it.

Thanks Marcus for filiming it while being a DSM at the same time.


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Guest singer @ 'Singles in Love'

Last Friday, I was invited to be the guest for Clifton Kwan's debut solo music act at Shwung Wan Civic Centre , Hong Kong.

According to the story ' Singles in Love' that he wrote, I have to sing Sandy Lam's<赤裸的秘密> and duo Anita Mui's< 有心人> with him.

It's kinda of my first time show up in theatre after I have back in Hong Kong for a yer an a half from acting in Japan and voice study in Paris. I felt pretty good and enoyed it, good to know I really love singing and acting.

More, so happy to receive compliments from audience and feel love is in the air . Thanks everyone in the production and all the support from all of you. thanks my frds!

thanks your compliments,lovely muscular guy Kaku.

musiciapart of the gang in the production team, where is the director Marcus? probably go watching WC.


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Guest for frd's gig <一人戀愛>on July 2

It's been a while not writing updates here, lately I'm rehearsing a biblical musical , The Only King. This is already my 3rd time participated in this production. I'll post the details later that you won't miss this good show.

At the meantime, I'm invited by Clifton to be the guest in his music theatre,

<一人戀愛>  2nd July 2010 , Friday 830pm @ Sheung Wan Civic Centre.

In this concert ,will be showing you his love with lots of love songs during the 90's. I'll be singing a couple hit love songs in the 90's too.

Hope to see you and enjoy a night with music~~

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