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Rod ~ ♪♪

I went to Rod Stewart's concert!

When I was Junior high-school student, I bought his album "Da ya think I'm sexy?" first time.  He was really cool and sexy.  I wanted to see his concert for a long time.  Then I went to see his concert 13 years ago.  I remembered it was great!!  He was powerful and sexy!


Video: "Da ya think I'm sexy?"


Video: "I don't want to talk about it"




He is 64 years old now.  He is 'Forever Young'   and keeping the slim figure.  He is not changed.   It was a wonderful concert though there was 10 minutes break.    I was really enjoyed♪


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wow, i didn't know you were such a hardcore fan. he came to HK too. you could have seen him twice!
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Think this is his best.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfVtycu6WVQ watch from 30 seconds in
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へー!なんか意外っつーか納得っつーか(どっちやねん) 海外のロックスターの皆さんはイイ感じに渋カッコイイオヤジになりますよねえ! うーむ、カッコイイなあ〜。
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>Etchy Rod is sexy and cute!! Oh! he went to HK!? I wanted to see him there! (^^) >Simon Hey, Simon! Thanks for posting an interesting song♪lol... lol... You think this is his best? ┐(´~`)┌ Does Rod know that there is such a song? =P >radwynn-sun 意外?私がRod好きなこと? アップテンポもバラードも素敵なんですよぉ♪ sexyでcuteでcoolなオヤジっす!(^^)v
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I'm sure that Rob knows that this "version" exists - it was SO famous in England at the time that everybody knew about it!
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>Simon Oh, really!? I didn't know him.=P Thank you for teaching it about him. I enjoyed!! (^^)v
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My pleasure! ;-)
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わ~~ 懐かしい!! いっぺんで学生時代に戻る~~
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>zuzu 懐かしいでしょ~! でもRodおじさんは体型も変わらずcoolなままでしたよ♪ シワはちょっと増えてたけど・・・(^_^;) 全~部知ってる曲だったし、超楽しかったです!(^^)v
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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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