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My first blog... desu!!

When I saw "Peach Girl",  I'm very fan of Van Ness☆

His smile makes me happy !!  His acting was very cute and sweet.  I felt his kindness.  But I don't know real Van Ness is. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ  And then I checked his  CDs, TV dramas and movies, I like Van Ness more and more !!

So I decided join in his fanclub "JUST VAN NESS" in Japan, but It closed so I couldn't. (T_T)

And luckily find this place!  There are many people here !  And enjoy reading your many message. It's very fun.                                 

I will try to write blogs and messages in my poor English. p(^^)q           YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMA~SU !!!

I'm looking forward to new Van Ness's album ♪


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I also fall in love with Vanness in Peach Girl! He was soooooo cute... あらつい書き込んでしまいました。失礼しました。m(_ _)m
about 11 years ago
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YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMA~SU .....Koko san, nice to have you @ AnD Van Ness is a nice person, indeed. different from other stars..He is an american chinese so he has double qualities: western and some asian...too.
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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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