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my favorite Christmas Song♪

  ♪Christmas is the time to say "I love you" / Billy Squire 〔1981〕♪

About 25 years ago I've heard this song first time.  I came to like it at once!  I have almost listened to this song at Christmas every year since then.  Rhythm and lyric is good.  And I like this melody♪

I thought there is no video about this song.  I surprised to find it!  ...and saw his singing first time.    1981..... yeah, it's classic.  When I see this video, I feel the age. As for those days, Christmas was pleasant.....  Anyway I like THIS SONG♪♪



  ♪Christmas is the time to say "I love you" / Billy Squire〔1981〕♪

☆Christmas is the time to say I love you

   Share the joy the laughter and the cheer

   Christmas is the time to say I love you

   And I feel it's gonna last all through the year


   On the corner carollers are singing

   There's a touch of magic in the air

   From grown-up to minor

   No one could feel finer

   Times are hard but no one seems to care

   Christmas means that all the world is watchin'

    As Santa guides his reindeers through the dark

   Through the rooftop, the chimney

   From Harlem to Finley

   They will find their way into your heart.


   ☆ Repeat


   Just outside the window snowing is falling

   But here beside the fire we share the glow

   The moonlight and brandy Sweet talking, candy

   Sentiments that everyone should know

   Memories of the year that lays behind us

   Wishes for the year that's left to come

   And it stands to reason

   That good friends and season

   Make you feel that life has just begun




   So its feelings go right up

   Your hopes shine and light up

   And you know  the Christmas time is here


Hope you're having wonderful Christmas!! 


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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
Please spend Christmas to be able to enjoy like this song text. Party On!! (^_~)hehe I like "Silent Night" & "Amazing Grace". Christmas(hymn)song of the gospel-style is my favorite.
almost 11 years ago
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>Villea-sun Thanks for your comment! yeah, I like hymn, gospel-style and any kind of Christmas songs♪(^^)
almost 11 years ago
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I didn't know this song.(^^;) ........6 years old.☆It's wonderful song. Christmas comes soon.(^-^)v We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~♪♪♪
almost 11 years ago
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>parismaki oh! didn't you?...... I know!! hahaha(^^) Hope you're having great time on Christmas♪
almost 11 years ago
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almost 11 years ago
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>yukinoko-sun コメントありがとうございます! あれぇ、私ってマニアックだったんかしら?(^_^;) ”人生の一番の転機”だったんですね。 私は何の転機も無いまま、現在に至っております。。。
almost 11 years ago


I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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