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Invisible Target

I like action movie.  I've seen the movie "Invisible Target" today.  It's very exciting and cool.  I like it very very much !!!   There are many fight scene and explosion scene.  The fight scene was great !  but..... 痛い hurt 痛い hurt 痛い hurt .....  

especially Nicholas Tse, he hit a bus and cars, fell from the building and fell into the tree. 痛いっ !!

Phil's blond hair looked like really bad person.  The chasing scene that Phil, Nic and Wu Jing are running on the roof of many building were very exciting !   Andy was really cool and scary.  Were you a burn, Andy?

"Invisible Target" is the best movie that I saw recently.  I was really enjoying this movie !!


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I'm glad to hear that you really like "Invisible Target"♪ Yeah, all they are awesome!!!
about 11 years ago
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ya, its a great movie..the fight scene was great and the part that nic fell from the building, hit the track all were real stunt by himslef...thanks god, he is safe...
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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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