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Happy New Year!!

I'm glad to be here and having a happy new year in AnD!   Because I made many friends knew many artists of Hong Kong and the other country  and also knew very kind staffs      Thanks AnD!!   I'll enjoy here in AnD this year!!


Today I went to "初詣 HATSUMOUDE".   It means a visit to a shrine on New Year's Day and to wish the luck of this year.   And then I picked a fortune "おみくじ OMIKUJI" slip '#1'  which predicted very good fortune "大吉 DAIKICHI" for me!  

But '大吉 DAIKICHI' means the BEST fortune, so  I cannot hope any more.   ..... no, no..... It's the BEST fortune♪ ..... positive thinking..... Lucky me!!

I wish you a happy New Year!!


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今年もよろしくお願いします♪ ちなみに私の初詣のおみくじは中吉.....微妙(笑)
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>lulu-chan 来てぇ~ !! ・・・って感じですよね。 だけど誰の事か心当たり無しです。(-_-;) >cocoa-sun でも小吉、末吉よりも良いってことで。。。(^_^;) 今年もよろしくお願いします!
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happy new year! thanks for your support!
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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
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>Villea 願い事を叶えるには「心正しく」しないといけないようです。 難しいかも・・・(^_^;) ”凶”の売切れ!? 初めて聞いた!面白い!
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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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