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hana yori dango

I saw a movie "hana yori dango final"     This movie is Japanese "流星学園~meteor garden~" 

Japanese F4 are also handsome☆ This movie's story is .....not bad  but it's regrettable that 美作 and 西門 appearance scene is few.  It doesn't make it to the movie, I think.   I don't know this movie is shown in other countories.  If you chance to see the movie, please enjoy it ! (^_^)v


花沢 類 / 道明寺 司

美作 あきら / 西門 総二郎


赤札?This is chocolate drink.(^_^;)


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cool drink!!!!!!
about 11 years ago
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Me too, I saw the movie...nice though quite honey honey type this time. the HYD drama was more suffered and deep .... Though I appreaciate a lot the Japanese F4 talent and way of acting, I think the taiwanese F4 are somehow more successfull around ASIA....;-).
about 11 years ago
hey koko! no problem, thanks for dropping by also! I first saw meteor garden in 2003. I haven't seen HD movie but i did saw both HD 1 & 2. Heard there's HD 3 & fujiki naohito is on it.
about 11 years ago


I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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