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Do you know this song?


"Charlie Kosei" is a famous blues singer in Kobe♪  Though he is cute and funny guy,   his  songs are really cool.   He runs the bar in Kobe. So if you go to Kobe, you may listen to this song directly!!


♪♪"Lupin lll" ending theme ♪♪



My favorite musician 'SHO' is a friend of Charlie.  They did a band together about 30 years ago.  They play together once a year now.  I really enjoy to see them!!


These pics are when they played together at Charlie's Bar "Charlie's" last December.


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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
I don't know this song. I know only "Lupin,Lupin~♪”←これじゃ歌じゃないっすよね(^_^;)
almost 11 years ago
Photo 99117
>Villea-sun Thanks for the comment!! ありゃ、ジェネレーションギャップ?(^_^;) Villea-sunがご存知なのは♪Lupin the third !! ・・・でもなさそうですねぇ。 わかった!ずーっと「ルパン」って言ってる曲だぁ♪
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お久しぶりです☆ この歌めちゃ知っとりますo(^^)o “ワルサーP-38~♪♪” SHOさんも素敵ですね☆
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Photo 99117
>parismaki Thanks for the comment!! おぉ~!ご存知でしたか !! 奥田民生氏がカバーしたりなんかして♪ ShoちゃんとCharlieさんのコンビは最強でっす!(^^)v
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突然ですがっ☆ 明日チャーリーズBarへ行こうてなにましたo(^^)o ほんと、突然でBBSに書いてみましたが、いらっしゃるかどうか(--;) 明日よかったら一緒どうですか??
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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v

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