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Hong Kong Trip 2014

Why did I go to HK this time??  I went to HK to WATCH this movie "惡戰 Once Upon A Time In Shanghai" with Radwynn(Hatsumi Nishimura)!!  AWESOME!! It was very nice! Action scenes of Phil and Andy was very splendid. Read more

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How do I look? =P

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wearing "YUKATA" 2013

Lo~nnnnnnngg time no see! 

I wore a YUKATA for the first time in 30 years!!  

How do I look?  30年ぶり(高校生以来)に浴衣を着ました! 似合ってますぅ~?Read more

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Radwynn and I traveled to Barcelona in November of the last year.  I traveled to the Europe for the first time!  I was very excited to watch everything in Barcelona!! 去年の11月Radwynnちゃんとバルセロナへ旅行してきました!私にとっては初めてのヨーロッパですぅ!街並みが超カワイイ~!Read more

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  Over 50,000 visitors!!   Thanks for stopping my page!!! 

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Happy Birthday Simon!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9inEyBN2CEWish you a many happy returns of the day and all the best for your future!Always support you( Simon Brading) far from Japan!Simon's website :  http://sibrading.blogspot.com/Simon's IMDB page :  http://ww...Read more

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My first visit to Bangkok (day 3 in HK --part I)

Radwynn & I left for HK!!   We came to HK at night, and it was Kongo Rikishi first to have met because he lives near our hotel!   He treated us for dinner!   Thanks Kongo~!!  この日の夜に香港に到着して最初にKongo Rikishi君が会いに来てくれました。 彼は私たちのホテルの筋向いに居たんです!(笑) 香港での最初の食事をゴチしてくれました!ありがとう~!Read more

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My first visit to Bangkok (day 2--part II)

Guess what??  not this man...The black round thing... Token? Ticket?...in Ayutthaya part 2Wat Ratchaburana ワット・ラーチャブラナRead more

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My first visit to Bangkok (day 2--part I)

Priority Seat of the subway地下鉄の優先座席の表示。 お坊さんに優しい国ですね。Radwynn & I went to "AYUTTHAYA" by train!   It is "Hua Lumphong Station" here.   It was really fun!!Radちゃんとアユタヤ遺跡へ列車で行ってきました。 ここは始発駅の「フアランポーン駅」 海外で在来線?に乗るのは初めてでした。 面白かったぁ~!Read more

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My first visit to Bangkok (day 1--part III)

This is a hotel where we stayed. バンコクでお世話になった”バンコク・センター・ホテル。## Next visit  "Wat Po" after "Wat Arun"   It's gorgeous temple!!”ワット・アラン”の次は”ワット・ポー”  キンキラキンで豪華なお寺でした。Read more

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I got a motorcycle license! (^^)v


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June 24, 2008