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New Asian American Comic Book Anthology

I have one of my stories in this wonderful anthology... check out the Amazon.com description below...

For many Asian Americans, this chronicle sounds familiar because many of us have lived it. But it also happens to be the tale of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, better known as Superman. And the parallels between those stories help explain why Asian Americans have become such a driving force in the contemporary comics renaissance as artists and writers--and fans.
But there's one place where Asians ar...Read more

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New Life in Stereo Magazine

Check out the new issue of Life in Stereo... I have a piece in there about my second girlfriend... funny stuff. :)


For my Alive Not Dead friends... the pictures of my ex's are on my page. Check them out!

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Life in Stereo Magazine

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Life In Stereo is out... check it out

This is a magazine that I am the editor and chief of... check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.teruo.com/lifeinstereo.html


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Teruo Artistry

Check out my clothing company Teruo Artistry, www.teruo.com. We have the hottest urban clothing in the world.


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Discover Nikkei


Check out my articles on Discover Nikkei. I've been writing for them for a couple of years now. :) Enjoy!



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ID Film Festival

ID Film Festival

Quentin Lee and I are co-curating a mini-film fest at the Japanese American National Museum, which is accepting film & video submissions for their first annual ID Film Fest, an exciting film series dedicated to the theme of identity crisis in the pan Asia and Asian American communities.

To take place from Sep 25–28, ID Film Fest will showcase both shorts and features to be screened digitally in the Democracy Forum, a state of the art theater in downtown Los Angeles.

ID Film Fest welcomes film and ...Read more

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