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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and something special was happening at 8FIVE2SHOP as well.

The crew from Miami Ink were here filming their new show called World Tribes and 3 of the main fellas; Ami, Chris and Yoji came to 8FIVE2SHOP to check it out.

Our Hong Kong Tattoo godfather, Gabe took them to the shop! Dayeem, their crew was no joke, super super professional, from the director, cameraman, and all the staff, they all know what they’re doing 110%. Mad legit, there’s a reason why a show like Miami Ink is so successful!

After the shop, we took them to Chai Wan skatepark. Warren was giving them an inside/out skateboarding scene in Hong Kong tour.

It’s good to meet those guys, mad humble. So good to see them super psyched on our products. Thank you for the support fellas.

Definitely check out the show when it’s out. WORLD TRIBES sun.




Chun Chai (8FIVE2SHOP rider and Hong Kong’s finest) with the man himself; AMI


Crew shot; Chun Chai, WZA, JBS, Ami, Yoji, Gabe and Chris. ONE LOVE.


Gabe (Hong Kong’s finest tattoo artist) & Chun Chai. Hong Kong produced some fine shit.


Yoji, Chun Chai and WZA. 8FIVE2 represent.

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