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Another shot of expensive wine in USA!!!!

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Wine Tasting at Bistro 222 at Provo Utah, Salt Lake City, USA

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Resting at home, enjoying selfie

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I just got myself New iPad + Leather organiser!!!! So pro. Meme😁

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Limau Lumau Cafe at Malacca

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Was at Seafarer, Malacca, today enjoying great dinner with good pals!!!

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I am so excited to go Malacca today, looking back those days working as a full time teacher, I would never imagine that on a week day in September, during school term, I can permitted to holiday as and when I like. I feel very blessed to make a decision in my life to change d norm and seek a different lifestyle. U don't need to be smart to achieve great accomplishments. Just learn and follow d footsteps of successful people. I taste freedom!!!!!!!

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If can find a partner to do a shoot with me will be good.

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Been looking for d female version non-warrior of cos.

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