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I know everyone is into the black face mask to remove blackheads but I still prepare this traditional removal of blackhead hehe wana know more ??? PM me!!!!!

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Next I do the clay mask , kinda soothen my skin and I like the refreshing feel.

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Yeah so I look stone in this photo cos the dark olive green turn to pale light green and it's time to wash off

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So the 3rd step I do is the Mud Mask which I love love a lot as it helps to firm up my face and remove some of my fine forehead wrinkles and face oil that is stuck in my T-Zone.

When u apply it it's a dark olive green liquid so just apply in he face like that covering the facial skin as much as possible.

I know people say avoid the eye area, but I find that u know when u grow older and there are wrinkles so I just apply close to the eye and firm d skin around those areas too.

I don't smile cos it's Gona cause cracks so just wait fo...Read more

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Then I use this cleansing lotion for the 2nd step to cleanse my face for a second time before I do the mud mask.

I like this a lot because u can use it as a daily facial wash or u can even use it to remove make-up including waterproof mascara and water-proof eye-liner. It's dual purpose so I save a lot of money for face care. Hehe

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So basically just wait for a short while like 5 mins?

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Doing d first step of double cleansing for my face. This is very good for people with acne or pimples where it clears the skin very much and recently I kinda get pimples so I do this step to remove the face oils and dirt.

Notice there are small bubbles coming out so it's really an intelligent way of cleansing my face automatically. No need to keep rubbing just apply the liquid and it automatically foams up like that

So u just wait for the foam to disappear and then wash it off

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I just helped my mum to cook this dish and then found out I am allergic to an ingredient used to cook this fried pork. So kiss goodbye my favourite dish....sobzzzz

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Found a red car this morning at my HDB flat, is that a sports car? Hmmmm. I am seeing more and more expensive branded cars at my flat. Jaguar, Ferrari , looks like I have free car show at my block.

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Not a fan of Star Wars but ermmm just walk pass...

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May 18, 2008

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