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luke kitson

'Addiction is a bitch'

I’m headed down the highway to the local grocery store. Got a gun in my pocket, and I’m looking for a score. Pull into the bay, and stick my balaclava on. This is my addiction; I’m ready for some fun. I enter through the doors and wave my gun around everywhere. You should have seen their faces; you could tell that they were scared. Put your hands up and don’t even make a sound, and now in an orderly fashion sit your asses on the ground. I opened up each till and took all the hundred dollar bills, I only left the shrapnel; it’s all still so surreal.

As I ran towards the exit, I saw light flashing just outside. Turns out it was the cops, i just wanted to run and hide. So now I’m in a pickle, what’s there left for me to do? The answer should have been simple, but I really didn’t have a clue. I got into a shootout, it wasn’t looking good, they shot me in the leg, but at least I am not dead. The rest is still a blur, but one thing is for sure, my life now lies in prison and parole is not a given. So why was i so stupid? I knew how this would end. But still my compulsion outweighed me, and my actions resulted in many deaths. I wish that I could take it back; my so called ‘life’ is now off track. Don’t take life for granted, your an idiot if you do. I learnt this the hard way and eventually so will you.

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'Depresion is a curse'

Depression is a curse, it can tear your heart apart. It can come completely unexpected and leave you in the dark. The people who surround you put their hearts out on the line, they don’t know how to help because the answer is hard to find.

So what is the solution, I think the answer is in the mind. If only we could harness it, to give a little piece of mind. So for now we just keep praying that our love will guide the way, to help those who are suffering, and to keep depression at bay.

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'I'm always there'

I see you smiling, but I know that you’re crying on the inside. Yeah, yeah. And my heart is aching and my soul is breaking for you. Oh for you. And I hope you know this is true, that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Oooh, oooh. And when times are getting rough and you feel like you’ve had enough, don’t give in, and just stay strong.

Caus’ every step that you take, and every risk that you make, oh I’ll be there, to make it better. I’ll be your bandaid to the wound, I hope that you get better soon, oh I really do, and I’m there for you. There is nothing on this planet that I wouldn’t do for you.

So just relax and take a breath, feel the weight of your shoulders lighten with every single step. I’m just a phone call away, and I will always be here to stay. So just release your emotions and all of your problems will begin to fade.

Caus’ when times are getting rough, and you simply feel like you’ve had enough, please don’t give in and remember to always wear a grin. Because life can get you down, but open your eyes and look around, you’ll find that things aren’t really so bad and your no longer feeling sad.

It’s seems like this pain just won’t go away, but pretty soon you’ll realise that things don’t stay the same. So pull yourself together, and always look up, girl you’re in a rough patch, but you will get your life back once again. You know that I’ll always be here till the end.

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'Russian Roulette'

Russian roulette is a very dangerous game, your playing with your life, there is no winner only pain. So time is of the essence, every second is a curse. Your waiting for the inevitable, may as well buy a horse to go with that hearse.

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Tears are like a river, they go with the flow. When we feel sadness, our emotions start to show. We cannot control them, it’s pointless you know; your eyes start to swell, and so begins the show.

Don’t worry, this is natural, it’s a sign that we care; it provides clarity for our thoughts, and releases the burden that was once there. So the next time you feel sadness; just let the tears flow, it’s all part of the process, towards happiness and letting go.

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What can i do if i've done all i can? Your life is in shambles, tell me how does this end? Before things were different, you were happy and calm. You respected yourself; there was no cause for alarm. You were always the one with the brightest of smiles, whenever i saw you, my heart jumped a mile. Now things have changed, can they ever be the same? I see your soul breaking and it's extremely pain staking. I wish i could wash away all your doubts, what is the solution, i just want to scream and shout. I will always stick by you through the hard times and the tears. Everyday i pray you find the strength to escape from your fears, you are truly deserving of much happier years.

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The smell of smoke drifts through the town, and in the background fluorescent lights flash blue and red while loud bells drown out the insignificant noises that once were heard. Like a queue at the bank, the fire stretches on for miles and miles. Trees that once lived, have now taken their last draw of breath as this blanket of chaos and destruction encircles everything that stands in its path.

 Leaving no survivors remaining. Water bombers release the key that will hopefully leave the fire dead in its tracks, leaving behind thick blankets of smoke and ash everywhere.

One fire down, millions more to go.

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When I look you in the eyes, I see anger and despair. You're floating through your life wondering whether anybody cares. Your family have abandoned you, your friends have all moved on. You're standing here alone, you just don't know how to carry on.


Dreams turn into nightmares, they consume you night and day. You're praying for an answer, on how to keep  yourr fears at bay. The people who surround you; you just push them all away. You don 't know who is friend or foe, it's a dilemma you constantly face.


You wish you had the answers, on how to live a peaceful life. It seems the light has long since gone and all hope is out of sight. One day you will find freedom, your demons they will fade. Grey skies will soon be over, bringing sunshine throughout each day.


For now you keep on fighting; for hope is all you have. Someday you will be truly free, your fears and anger, history .

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 Mothers crying, children dying, blood being spilt while tanks are built. Soldiers are fighting, the government's denying; why must we always turn our backs away? The hate rages on, I wonder how long? It seems as though war will remain forever strong.

We must end the fight, we must make this right. Is violence really the answer, or can we make the world a little brighter?

You're a renegade fighter, you're a man of war. You cannot go home untill you've settled the score. Your conscience is cloudy, your enemy is fear. You're trying to survive, it's been just over a year.


So when will this end, all the violence and all the pain. Families torn apart, you will never be the same. You're trying to move on but the road is so very long. You have become a different person, and you have lost all sence in right and wrong.


Maybe, someday, we will see the error of our ways. I just prey that we can fix it before we truly are too late.

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'One of a kind'

I love your smile, I love your touch. I love the way you care so much. Whenever I see you my heart skips a beat, you shine like an angel, you are always so sweet.

 You always know the right things to say, whenever we talk it brightens up my day. So thanks wonder woman for the wonderful day, you are beautiful in every single way

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