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A simple post

Well hope my photo doesn't look scary~ Just a simple post~My heart flew to holiday mood~ well... it's just around the corner~ teehee~So excited my bi will come back on Monday~ It had been 1 month plus we didn't meet each other..that's long distance relationship...=))))))))))I ...Read more

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I really cannot think of any title for my post.

So I just put the date so easy ~

Just make an update since is July now~

July wish to be a good month~

End of June is kinda sucks for me ... No matter what~

Especially in relationship frankly, maybe the reason is we didn't meet up in June that's drives me insane ~

Previous post said I will update some beauty tips.

Erm.. I guess I will post in Chinese~ Just copy and paste from some articles is really useful for me~

And then few weekend...Read more

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Movie marathon

Just so you know my sis and I had a crazy idea that's movie marathon~  We watched Painted Skin II, The Amazing Spiderman & Ice Age 4~ Teehee~ It's really great but too bad all without 3D.I think if 3 movies watched in 3D will awesome~ Especially The Amazing Spiderman~ Read more

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Quick update 17/6

Start lazy to blog due to nothing I can share and laziness ~ I apologized ....

Ya seems like the last posts it not that good and impressed..

Just busy working and not much holiday~

Except some special weekend ~

No point record my routine here right?

Guessed I'm bored.

But at least 1 month 1 blog lah~

Nearly into youtube..

Those Youtube channel got 1 is #Away We Happened produced by Wong Fu Productions.

They are brilliant~

Feel free go to watch it ~

...Read more

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unexpected trip

unexpected trip was planned and it was unexpected like the title~

It was a trip to Singapore~ to watched jayesslee concert!!!! Shout out loud

It was amazing ~ their voices sounds so amazing~

and Janice is so funny~

Love their personality~

BUT too bad the concert quite short for us~

Just can't get enough from them~

And they only sang 1 christian songs~

I thought have some....

But anyway the concert was awesome and planning go to malaysia as well~ hehe

...Read more

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Getaways to Phuket and SG

Hey guys just a lil update so that my blog won't be so dead~


Just lazy to blog and nothing special to blog that's the reason~

Anything just refer my facebook ~ I just love the timeline~

Although some people might not use to it and some said very confusing~

But I liked it just like showing history of ourselves~

Went Phuket trip~


Got a waitress from one of the Italian Restaurant in Phuket she recognized us~

Read more

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"Holiday" means no holiday~

school holiday had started but I don't have~

really miss my childhood time I would probably spend my holiday with family in KL by visiting my cousins~

But never mind~

Since my kawan came to Ipoh so still ...Read more

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Hot weather

Really hot...

yesterday cold keep on raining.. but today very very hot..

Our earth really sick...

Please stop open burning ~

and please stop cut down the trees~

Weather had changed to very weird nowadays

Stop talking about weather ~

So fast had been to the month of March already~

I hold on to that job till pass half a year already...

Is like so easy ~ but when think back kinda tough ...

Concert stress came to visit me~

Last year I teach marching but is a mess....Read more

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Questions floating

Yup... that's right questions floating in my mind again..

That is the biggest question in everyone's life which is what's your future plan?

I am actually working as a kindergarten teacher.

But few days ago my aunt kinda disrupted my mind, she encourage me to go study nursing for 3 years in ASUNTA.

Well well.. Actually few years ago she got mentioned but that time I already make up my mind.

Now kinda makes me felt regret due to I didn't choose that line at first..

Like I'm ...Read more

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