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The Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute plays till April 23rd

Aloha All,

So it's been a while since I've posted but I have been crazy busy. Want to give everyone in LA a shout out to come out the West Coast premiere of Neil LaBute's, t. I'm so proud to be producing this show! We opened a few weeks ago and close April 23rd. We had a super fun opening with tons of celebs and lots of good reviews. Here’s a few...

For more info go to www.vstheatre.org or Vs. Theatre on FaceBook.Enjoy s...Read more

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The Mercy Seat trailer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMKOiEoNekc

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Pugilist Specialist - ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!!


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Great people supporting a worthy cause please read below and forward to friends in the Bay Area!

Can you imagine? 1,000,000 people, the populations of Oakland and San Francisco combined, already have or might die in Burma ( Myanmar ) as a result of Cyclone Nargis. 10 times that amount, up to 11,000,000 people have been left homeless in Sichuan province of China because of the earthquake.

Are you going to "help"?

Presented by AsianWeek, "help" is a benefit concert organized by Bay Area artists to provide aid to the ...Read more

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TRE opens tonight in LA

    SYNOPSIS  Tre arrives unannounced at a secluded mountain home where his friends Gabe and Kakela allow him to crash on their couch. But Kakela becomes increasingly annoyed with Tre when he begins a revenge-fueled sexual affair with her best friend, Nina. As Kakela watches Nina's marriage unravel, she begins to question her devotion to Gabe. Unsure of her motives, she accepts a dare devised by Tre -- a simple 10-second experiment that changes her life forever.

Sexual competition and moral ambiguity are the only constants...Read more

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TRE opens February 1st in Los Angeles

 Aloha all and Hau`oli Makahiki Hou Wanted to give everyone lots of notice on the upcoming opening of my film TRE, directed by fellow AnD member Eric Byler. TRE is opening February 1st at the Lemmele Sunset 5, with a rockin party to follow. I'll have more details as the date gets closer. But please mark the date or weekend. It is a very intriguing story peering into the inner guts of relationships and love. Hope you can make it! Mahalo! Kim  

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A present is even better when it is helping others

This year don't just go to the mall and buy a present, instead spend a few more minutes to research a gift that benefits someone besides big business.

A few examples I can offer are: Jewerly by Janelle Gibson, who has partnered with FreshWater Haven to raise funds to bring awareness to the abuse of woman and children in Zimbabwe. Visit http://savehope.blogspot.com to learn more and purchase the pendants in time for the holidays fo...Read more

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VS. Holiday Boutique

    Hey Everyone! It is that time again, Christmas is upon us and that means being with family and enjoying good meals. BUT, first you have to deal with crowded  shopping malls, long lines, and fighting for parking. Not to mention worrying you may be buying a duplicate gift or something that your loved one already has. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area VS. Theatre Company is here to help with our Holiday Boutique.

We have hand selected a variety of vendors to give you an opportunity to buy quality gifts in a mellow rela...Read more

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    I have to tell you, I'm not huge into birthdays. Not someone who needs a bash every year or expects something wonderful the day of, thinking that day is a microcosm of the year to come. I don't like planning parties, which is one of the reasons I'l never get married ( a total different discussion) and am not that big into the clubs. However I do love good friends! And this year I was so surprised when my best friends independent of one another decided to come to LA and celebrate my birthday with me. In this world which moves at lig...Read more

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Aloha Kakou! E Komo Mai...

If you haven't guessed I'm a Hapa Girl from Hawai'i. Happy to be part of the Alive Not Dead community cause it means I'm ALIVE and that's always a stellar thing to be. I'm a multi-tasker and have a few different projects travelling through film festivals and soon to be in a theatre near you (if you are in New York or LA). TRE, which is out in theatre early Decemeber 2007 I play Kakela, a woman who is ready for a change but is not sure what exactly that means to her, all she knows is the status quo is not wor...Read more

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