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Silly little things

Spent yesterday night catching up with a couple of friends, after a couple of hours of chatting...I know that's a lot of talking...we ended up playing silly games.

Not quite sure how it began but ended up throwing beer mats at each other, for each hit you would be allocated 1 point and if you hit the face then thats 2 points!  

Sadly I really really really do throw like a girlso I didn't do too well and acutally I kind of cheated! come on it's a natural reaction if something comes flying towards your face you dodge it! o yeah and we actually hit the people sitting near us who also joined in!

It's kind of...well...erm...inmature!  but doing silly things is when you seem to really really have a good time!  



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I need to do some silly games. Don't get enough chances to be silly with adults. Sounded like fun!
about 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahaha, sounds like fun! as long as no one loses an eye!
about 13 years ago


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