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Pajama day

yawn!  yawn! a boring blog! ^^

i'm in need of a pajama day, for the past...hmm..not sure! i've been working and commuting long hours. leaving myself with very little lesuire time, i tend to make the most out of the spare time i get! but right now i need a "pajama day" just to chill out at home for one entire day!  just not got round to doing it yet!

been reading terence's blog and can now relate!

Attended a wedding over the weekend and wow it was manic! there must have been about 300 hundred people there!

i always intend to take lots of pics at events, gathering etc, but it never goes to plan! i will post some pics when i get hold of some from friends and relatives! i've got 0 on my camera!



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Whenever I'm out and come home, one of the first things I do is change into my sweats. They're almost like walking around in my pajamas. Comfy.
about 13 years ago
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300 person wedding? man....must have been a nightmare to plan!
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